Guided Passage

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  1. woosie New Member

    Hmm ok, ive just looked through my Apocalypse folder and saw this card, Guided Passage

    Now im determined to make a casual multiplayer deck around it, at first i thought Domain?

    creature card; just out 4 spiritmongers in the deck?

    a land card; land is land so its always handy :)

    and a noncreature, nonland card ; hmm well either way im gaining 3 for 1 right?

    Ive also got some spare Hunting Grounds that are pleading with me to go in some the overall idea so far is:

    Play loads of mana acceleration eg Rampant Growth/Explosive Vegetation possibly Harrow? Collective Restraint / Global Ruin?

    Add in a compulsion to get me the cards i need, add in some krosan reclamation for ...ok im going now where argh!!

    Has anyone on the boards got ideas for a Guided Passage deck? I suppose this is in the wrong forum then :eek:

    Im also tempted to run blue/green as the main colours, chuck in U/G cards like Yavimayas Embrace perhaps?

    Well any help much appreciated really :cool:

    Regards, woosie
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    A good creature to run now would be iridescent angel...

    hunting grounds is perfect...

    also... to match the hunting grounds...

    epicenter has proved very strong...
  3. woosie New Member

    Thats a nice combo, but id need threshold with Epicenter in the first place...its got me thinking, if i had some way to maintain a large hand but get threshold to Epicenter-Armageddon...

    But then if theyre lands all gone what spells will they play?
    Hunting Grounds might be a tad useless by then but with Guided Passage hmmmm, blow up all lands, get a creature land and another spell ???

    Very interesting :)
  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    You don't want them to play spells, and you don't have to have hunting grounds out to start with... if you hold a g and w land in hand, 2 turns and you've got your grounds out...

    As for the epicenter - threshold isn't hard to get if you kill some of your own stuff... I've done it by chain of acid-ing my own lands, etc...

    Oh - and it's funny wehn your opponent watches a terravore hit the table from a hungting grounds, especially after the epicenter...;) :cool:
  5. woosie New Member

    train thats an :eek:EVIL:eek: idea!

    But up until i can get that combo off i supose id better stall the game or set up some makeshift thinking Fertile grounds (will help with threshold if lands go), some walls perhaps (blossom/wall of roots?)

    Epicenter does seem a rather overcosted Armageddon tho,

    Anyone else got ideas for a Guided Passage deck? Has anyone played a deck that uses Guided Passage :confused:

    Come to think of it has anyone made a Hunting Grounds deck??
    Id be interested to see it worked/ what its weaknesses were

    Thanks, in advance

    woosie :)
  6. woosie New Member

    OK lets scrap the Guided Passage, its going the wrong way to to speak... ;)

    Im more interest in the Hunting Grounds idea, i also spotted this card Tefer's Veil, if i attack with the creatures theyll phase out, at which point i can Jokulhaups or something, ie land and creatures go but my phased out creatures return next Hunting Grounds is still in play :D

    Getting threshold shouldnt bee too much of a problem in that case, rampant growths, krosan tusker, book burning and even rites of spring?

    What do ya think?
  7. train The Wildcard!!!...

    If you're running hunting grounds - you need torun the worldgorger dragon...

    And except for hunting grounds being countered or disenchanted - there are no weaknesses...
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    In fact, you can add Sterling Grove to help prevent that... :)
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    You could run a lot to help it...

    I was thinking standard format...

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