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  1. Heavy B Been gone too long

    "Stoner" resides in quotes because this is not a straight Stoner deck.

    What do I want to happen with this deck? This is a Multiplayer deck. Hopefully I get to stay alive until I can slap a Nemesis Mask on either The Wretched or a Thicket Basilisk and steal/stone an opponent's creatures.

    From there I either hit him with his own critters. If he figures a way to get them back then I sac them to either the Fallen Angel or the Spawning Pit as a fast effect.

    I'll also be sacrificing my walls in combo and Eternal Witness to take advantage of the Gleancrawler.

    Everything else is there for pretty obvious reasons.

    Any commentary is welcome.

    I like the idea behind this deck but I don't like the way that I currently have it put together.

    The Wretched 3
    Thicket Basilisk 3

    Wall of Blossoms 3
    Vine Trellis 3
    Eternal Witness 3

    Glean Crawler 3
    Fallen Angel 3

    Nemesis Mask 3
    Naturalize 3
    Constant Mists 4
    Demonic Tutor 1
    Worldly Tutor 1
    Crucible of Worlds 2
    Spawning Pit 2
    Sol Ring 3

    Forest 14
    Swamp 8
  2. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Honestly, I really think you should have some regeneration in that deck. Also, splash a fastbond and a zuran orb in there.

    #1. You slap a regen on a basilisk, and everyone out there (including the counterspell player) will be waiting for you to throw a lure onto him as well. Serves as a very good distraction

    #2. With the regen on the basilisk, gives you a good stall defense until your combos come out.

    #3. With the fastbond, and the zuran orb, along with cruciable of worlds, you can get infinite life or infinite mana. Since mana does not seem to be the main focus here, the life will do nicely. Also will serve as a distraction similar to point #1.

    I have always found when the holes in the deck are mainly there versus a blue control deck or counter deck, a bunch of distractions usually keep him/her all tied up and will pop in the surprise win condition without much problem of being countered. This deck is set up for all kinds of combos. Slipping a couple in there cannot hurt much.

    Wait until coldsnap is released. From what I have seen so far, the new set may be able to help this deck a great deal.
  3. Heavy B Been gone too long

    This deck is a redeux of an formerly extant deck. The older deck had the Regeneration enchantment in it. It worked just as you indicated. I was hoping that the Constant Mists + Crucible would cover me there.

    I can see some Regen in here but I think I may do it via some Nurturing Licids. How does that sound?

    Fastbond + Zuran Orb + Crucible is very powerful. It also requires a lot of card slots to make this happen. I could take out the 3 Sol Rings and add a Zuran and two Fastbonds. Think that works? It doesn't provide the stability of the Sol Rings because I need two of the three to get anything done but on the other hand the power of those cards is pretty stout.

    One last thing. I really don't want to have to wait for a Gleancrawler to beging re-using Eternal and Wall of Blossoms. How do you feel about a Haunted Crossroads or something similar and what would you take ou?

    Thanks for the help, Darth.
  4. Force of Will Smith New Member

    thicket basilisk is too expensive for what it does.. other basilisks, like lowland basilisk does the same thing for 2G.., shinen of life's roar also works as a one shot.

    you could also simply use a venom effect or venom itself on a taunting elf or the taunting spirit from kamigawa... dead iron sledge will also do this.

    eventhough they may not be the best choices, mad props for using BOTH the wretched AND walls :D. not enough

    the main problem with this deck is that its trying to do too much.. you have a crucible effect that could be amazing.. but you could do practically the same thing with strip mine and life of the loam and still not resemble a ridiculously powerful type 1 deck,
    then you have a few creatures that you heavily depend on..

    since youre running G/B you could run a dark heart of the woods so your crucible could gain you 3+ life a turn for nothing. Gaze of the gorgon with a nemesis mask also would work.. If you're making your opponent block, consider ridiculous game-breaking benefits..
    like if you attacked with a trampling, rampaging creature, or throw a nemesis mask on a thresher beast..
    your opponent loses X lands, where X is equal to the number of untapped creatures
    they control..

    the way i see this deck playing is this..

    turn 1: nothing or worldly tutor
    turn 2: wall,
    turn 3: witness with no target/mask
    turn 4: try to use a basilisk,etc

    it just seems like it takes an awful lot of time to get started and how awful would it be if a single rend flesh destroyed your strategy.

    you may also consider running both nurturing licid (to regenerate) and tempting licid (to lure)

    you're wrath effects should be a 1 shot deal, a cheap creature that dies and takes others with it.

    you could run pygmy troll with nemesis or a lure effect and simply kill a single creature each turn...

    attack, he becomes an 8/8.. regen him.. kill one of theirs, only 1G spent. plus he can protect the licids on himself as well.

    they also have two different cards in red that do the same thing. heat of battle and one other.. a 1R enchantment where when a creature blocks, they take 1 damage for each blocker.. retaliation gives pygmys ability to all creatures.. so if you threw a nemesis on a wimpy basilisk, it may not actually die.

    you can also break this with varchild's war riders.. 1R they get a 1/1 creature.. cumulatively.. so even if theyre running no creatures, you have an answer

    you could also give your opponent creatures quickly with the hunted troll... which gives your opponent 8 creatures..

    picture you have all this in play:
    1G pygmy troll
    1R heat of battle
    2G retaliation
    3 nemesis mask

    opponent with 5 creatures (which up to now your walls have been able to take down)

    attack with pygmy. a 1/1 that gets +5+5 from retaliation, +5+5 from his ability, and deals your opponent 5 damage from blocking, so you either kill lots of creatures, attack with an 11/11 regenerater, or after damage is dealt fling/grab the reins/swords for life/ surestrike trident him for the win.

    attack with the nemesis troll... you have retaliation in play..
    they have 5 creatures, he's a 11/11. tramples if you run primal rage.

    if you want to run black green, i'd go for more sacrifice effects, with cards like golgara, grave pact, etc. Maybe supplement them with gleamcrawler, lifeline,etc. (as long as you can get more benefit that your opponent or remove their cards from their graveyard)
  5. Heavy B Been gone too long

    Great ideas. I certainly have thought of this. The Stoners are not really there as a kill condition. Merely control. Taunting Elf may be way better...imagine the look of 3-4 other guys when their creatures begin dying en masse to a 1/1 Elf with bad body odor :)

    I have been looking at that card (The Wretched) for 10 years. It's going into this deck. The walls...dunno...they were there mainly because I need something quick (quick as in I'm meeting friends to play next week. Not quick as in Suicide Black)and Walls are an easy way to stall. The problem with them is that they don't always play nice and topdeck when you want them to. Casting a wall late in the game is not always something that makes you opponents recoil in fear. I really like the bouncing Wall of Blossoms effect. Vine Trellis was there as a mana boost that was a bit sturdier than a mana Elf. I'm totally open to making them both go away.

    Yes. A common failing of my recent deck-building attempts. I've not played in some time. I'm in a rush to learn all of the new cards that I can as I modernize my old decks and try new ones. This leads to the "kid in a candy store" problem.

    Dark Heart is great. Also an old-school card. The Old Gods of Magic may well smite me for not thinking of it.

    Thanks all the suggestions and great detail. I'll update the post if I can use your ideas to improve the deck.

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