Govern the Guildless. CRAZY!

Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by Force of Will Smith, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Force of Will Smith New Member

    has anyone seen this amazing card?

    It makes any creature a shyft,
    can win you the game with coalition victory,
    gives a quickchange every single turn,
    immobilize an attacking black creature with light of day,
    abuse the dega, ceta, necra sanctuaries,
    gain life with honorable scout or other such creatures,
    abuse low cost creature kill in both kill spell and direct damage (parch)(possessed creatures)(spinal villain)(nsew paladins)(major teroh)(exorcist),
    get bigger creatures (amphibious kavu)
    give evasion (razorjaw oni)

    create soft locks (reclamation: repeat kill)(flooded woodlands:repeat kill)
    (crackdown) (magnetic mountain)(thelon's curse)(wrath of marit lage)(dream tides)

    give global protection(righteous war)

    (light of day)(magistrates veto)
    kill -1/-1s with blue (stronghold taskmaster)(kaeravek's hex)

    bounce any creature for 1U (trusted advisor)
    return creatures on top of library (king crab)

    you can even do all sorts of strange combos

    pay 1U for govern, cast mind harness on any creature to steal it, wait 1 turn to pay the upkeep to attack. Or you could play mark of eviction to get it back. you could even transfer either with simic guildmage.

    Run a monogreen deck with Silhana Ledgewalker and sakura tribe elder/wood elves/orochi leafculler/harrow, coalition victory as well as demand to tutor for them or supply to shuffle in 4 more coalition victory.

    toss a neurok hoversail on a transguild courier or a "govern'd creature" and then pay 1G to give it +10+10 with might of the nephilim or play blessing of the nephilim on him and anytime during your upkeep pay 1U for +5/+5.

    or just attack with wimpy fliers and have 4 mana available to deal a minimum of 16 damage in a turn. 2 at upkeep, 2 for the instant

    at the very worst you could pay its full cost for 8 to steal any creature.
  2. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Cute but the main problem is in the main ability and the cost of it. Other than that it's a nice color changer.
  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    you never use the main ability :D and this card makes about 6 other color changing cards inferior. Plus its completely uncounterable.
  4. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    You do realize that you also have to have a land of each basic type?

    You can't actually immobilize an attacking creature, because you can only change the creature during your upkeep and it lasts until end of turn. So all your softlocks are also invalid.
    I'm not sure about the sanctuaries, but I think you need to have a permanent of one of the 'trigger colors', so paying 1U would only change it from the small to the big effect.

    If you use Mind Harness to steal a Governed creature, at end of turn the color change wears of and state-based effects are checked. If, at that time, the creature is not either Red or Green, the Mind Harness is destroyed.

    But I agree with you for the most part! It s a great card letting you do silly cardcolor tricks and also gives you the option to steal a creature (8 mana is a lot, but most creatures you can get for 6 :D)
  5. hrothmar Custom User Title

    blue elemental blast for teh win!
  6. Force of Will Smith New Member

    getting one of each land is simple.. a kodama's reach can get you 4, and you obviously had a forest to get kodamas in the first place...

    in addition to the dual lands, you have the NEW dual lands, along with tribe elders, wood elves, blah blah etc....

    (reclamation: repeat kill)(flooded woodlands:repeat kill)
    (crackdown) (magnetic mountain)(thelon's curse)(wrath of marit lage)(dream tides)

    flooded shoreline you could stop 1 attacker if theres a threat, you'd also be playing other cards in such a deck such as

    crackdown: this would have to be used with other cards other than govern, but could essentially keep creatures tapped.

    magnetic mountain: this also would give a cumulative 4 upkeep, so if you changed colors of creatures one at a time, they would either have to tap more and more, or leave themselves with no creatures.
    dream tides as well.

    thelons curse is similar, but the option of getting U isnt all that difficult

    wrath of marit lage would work singularly with creatures, or with a nice bend effect. Light of day would also function quite well

    distorting lens: tap change color
    blind seer: 1U:change color
    tidal visionary T:change color
    sisays ingenuity 2U:change color

    the drawback of it being declared at your upkeep is minute, considering its uncounterable, and you can do it each turn.

    the deck would probably be part bend, part color change.. and capable of fully locking down in a turn... its just hard :(

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