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    Hey, does anyone watch good vs evil on the sci fi channel? I love that show! its better than angel!
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    Add "I have no TV!" to the why-my-life-sucks rant in the other thread!

    Actually, that might be a good thing...

    What's that show about anyhow?
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    Good vs. Evil - The immortal battle between light and dark for the control of humanity (a.k.a. "The War"). The general populace of the Earth is unaware of this battle.

    The Corps - The Almighty's main weapon in the battle to redeem lost and/or wayward souls. The Corps has divisions in every major country and city around the world and functions like most known law enforcement organizations. The Corps has an entrenched hierarchy of various departments. Most divisions have a full complement of agents, medics, supply sergeants, therapists, forensic specialists, munitions experts, black operatives and strike teams.

    Corps Agent - A resurrected human whose soul is held in limbo due to a questionable mortal existence. Prospective Corps agents are notified within minutes of there earthly death and presented with a choice: Join the Corps and earn their way into Heaven or go straight to Hell. Agents must prove through their tour of duty that they have earned the right to be admitted to Heaven. However, a successful tour of duty does not guarantee a trip to Heaven, and some agents are still sent to burn. Agents are not immortal and many die in the field. Corps agents in service receive intense training and testing to ensure their survivability. If a Corps agent is killed or has sex with a Morlock, he/she becomes a Morlock.

    There are three basic edicts to service in the Corps:
    1) Corps agents use no magic and receive no special powers while in service.
    2) Corps agents are forbidden from intimate contact of any kind.
    3) Due to the sensitivity of their missions and the need for secrecy, Corps agents appear as strangers and will not be recognized by those they knew in their past lives.

    A Corps agent can and sometimes will violate these edicts, but the intense and swift penalties for doing so normally dissuade this kind of action. At the basest level, the Corps offers agents a chance at redemption. The uncertainty of their ultimate karmic fate is what gives Agents the motivation to execute Corps objectives.

    Faustian - Someone who has made a deal with a Morlock and is living out the earthly fruits of the deal. A Faustian commonly bears no physical markings or hints that he/she that distinguish them from normal humans. When a Faustian dies without renouncing, he/she becomes a Morlock.

    Morlock - The enemy. Dead Faustians who are now foot soldiers of Satan. All Morlocks share similar physical attributes: Rotting flesh and teeth, horns, intense halitosis and little or no scruples. Unless Morlocks are angered, most of their attributes remain well hidden. Corps agents commonly use a mirror to reveal these attributes as a Morlock's reflection always reveals his/her true "colors." Morlocks can only be killed with a weapon soaked in the blood of an innocent.

    Faustian Bargain - A contract or deal sealed with an individual's blood. This document discloses and ensures the terms between a Faustian and Morlock. If the bargain is broken and/or becomes due, the Faustian becomes a Morlock. Most bargains are accompanied by a due date and non-disclosure clause.

    Renunciation - A verbal and/or written pledge by a Faustian to a Corps agent that repeals there allegiance with the dark. In order to renounce, a Faustian must also "give back" what he/she has received as part of the bargain. So if Bill makes a bargain to be a millionaire, in order to renounce fully, Bill must give back all the money and anything he purchased or did with said money.

    Blood of the Innocent - The blood of a pure soul that is the main ingredient in Morlock extermination. Innocent blood can be used to soak any style of weapon. The Corps favors bullets and knives.

    Ravenswood - The "afterlife" home of all Hollywood Division Corps agents.

    Morlock Killing Knife - The main weapon Corps agents us against Morlocks. Soaked in the blood of an innocent, it can be a Morlock's worst fear.

    I just copied that from there website. its a really good show. Its about 2 core agents
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    Whoops! I posted the same thing twice! My comp was messed up and I couldnt see my posts. Sorry :)
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    300 POSTS!!!
    ITS GO TIME!!!
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    Well I like it anyhow...
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    400 POSTS!!!!!!!!!

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