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    A long time ago, there was an obselete thread about a new deck idea called "Big.dec." The idea was simple - A U/W control deck running Crumbling Sanctuaries and Rishadan Pawnshops to provide a lock, while dozens of counterspells kept the ever-deadly Disenchants from coming to full use. The deck initially wieghed in at 90-some-odd cards, and grew ever so slowly to a whopping 150! I played it for a while, and found to my great joy, that it was a winning design - At least against creature decks. It lost to everything control, and most things mid-range. Sad, really.

    Come 2001. Come Arena. The format? Goblin Wars. Everyone has to have 30 of a single creature type between maindeck and sideboard.


    Gee, that sounds like about the right format for Big.dec! :)

    Big.dec - Arena Version 1.0
    Original Designer: Unknown (I forgot)
    Current Build: David Zadok Stroud
    Creature Theme: Walls (15 maindeck, 15 sideboard)

    4x Counterspell
    4x Rethink
    4x Exclude
    4x Thwart
    4x Dissipate
    4x Force of Will
    3x Misdirection

    4x Opt
    4x Sleight of Hand
    4x Accumulated Knowledge
    4x Fact or Fiction
    4x Impulse
    2x Mystical Tutor
    4x Stinging Barrier
    4x Repulse

    4x Wrath of God
    3x Mageta, the Lion
    3x Disenchant
    4x Enlightened Tutor
    4x Wall of Glare
    4x Sunscape Familiar
    3x Wall of Swords

    4x Crumbling Sanctuary
    4x Rishadan Pawnshop
    3x Millstone

    4x Thawing Glaciers
    4x Ardarkar Wastes
    4x Coastal Tower
    30x Basic Lands (Probably 18-12 in favor of Islands)

    Any thoughts regarding this most interesting little deck design? :)

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