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  1. Force of Will Smith New Member

    I'm trying to put together this deck with completely redundant discard and a couple of
    here are some things im thinking of working with. The goal is to be able to stop early game,
    wreck control decks, and late game become discard go.

    I've shyed away from duress's and such but they may be an option.
    the core of the deck with benefit from discard and recurring discard i think is solid.

    for the creature base i could either go with utility discard creatures (like hyppie and rat)
    or with noncommitals such as shades and shadows which i think could be fun.

    the second option is what to use for kill. If i use spot kill im restricted to use it immediately and
    therefore have no choices (assuming mists or pit is out) but i can potentially beatdown.

    if i use mass kill i can recklessly sweep the board over and over, but they may eventually get their one
    card that can instant speed demolish me.

    i also thought about abandoning creatures for skullcage/rack/rackling type damage... but that seems
    especially boring and overdone... how cool is killing with nocturnus and krovikan horror?

    (benefit from discard)

    3 geth's grimoire
    3 abyssal nocturnus
    3 megrim
    3 ensnaring bridge

    (recurring discard)

    3 bottomless pit
    3 necrogen mists
    3 words of waste
    Xanvil of bogardan
    nezumi shortfang
    hypnotic specter

    (mass discard)

    noxious vapors
    mind wrench
    hymn to tourach
    delerium skeins

    (mass kill)
    4 damnation
    2 do or die
    2 forced march
    2 necroplasm
    no mercy
    gloomdrifter (threshold shouldnt be too hard, i think.. possibly banking on 4th turn :( )
    hideous laughter

    (spot kill)
    2 ghastly demise
    2 terror
    2 smother
    horobi's wail

    (recurring creatures)
    4 nether traitor
    4 nether shade
    4 ashen ghoul
    2 krovikan horror
  2. jorael Craptacular!

    Geth's Grimoires is a very interesting card. I play it in a deck I'll probably leave sleeved for as long as I will play Magic. I already managed to instant-kill with Abyssal Nocturnus with a Ravnica block constructed deck. This deck makes it even more lethal, and at the same time depens less on this Cthulhu-esque creature.

    The madness creatures work great with all the discard. Geth's Grimoires let you draw a lot of cards, if it stays on the table, as you let each player discard. After playing Ravenous Rats and Urza's Guild opponents have a harder time to prevent loss of life from Strongarm Tactics. -Once I played 3 in a row, while 2 player had no cards in their hands. Talk about hellbent.-

    Skull collector is a defensive play that lets you reuse the 'come into play' abilities your creatures have. And it makes you discard something to Strongarm Tactics and Urza's Guild. The madness!

    Perhaps you'll gain some inspiration from this deck :)!

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