Geeks For Fans Podcast: Amateur? Yes. Real? Definitely. Good? Your call.



After massive inspiration from many podcasting sources - Kevin Smith, TVGP, Australian Gamer, Adam Carolla, etc. - I have decided to throw my hat in to the Kangchenjunga of podcast hats and begin my own video game podcast. Ladies and Gentlemen: Geeks For Fans!

Released (semi) regularly on Sunday evenings, myself and my lovely wife "GothyLox" delve into the weeks op gaming news, releases, and share some insight on what we think are good and bad in gaming as a whole. Thus far, we are up to three podcasts, and I have no ideals on ceasing any time soon. A fair bit of warning: The language is a little explicit, especially on my end, and we do tend to talk about subjects and dissect certain games that people may find not to their liking. As these opinions are my own, I do not expect everyone to share my opinions, just know there's no real malice behind it. Live and let play, as long as it's a game. :D

Feel free to listen to our podcast, available for free at and also on iTunes. Leave us any of your questions, comments, and suggestions on the site at the "Ask GFF" link, or also at our email - - and our Twitter account - @GeeksForFans. Thank you, and enjoy! :D

Geeks For Fans: Throwing another podcast into the oceans of podcasts, but sprinkled with AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!11