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  1. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Who here just plays Magic? Are you a gamer or a Magic player? If you are a gamer, that means you play *and have atleast moderately good skills in* Two or more games. This is a place to post all of the games you play and find common gaming intrests.
    If you only play 1 game you are not a GAMER.

    My games and skill level(1-10):

    Magic: The Gathering(7-depending on format)
    7th Sea(7)
    Rage: The Apocalypse(10)

    Gamers generally should be true to 1-3 games and play the rest for fun or only small Tournaments. All of you should be loyal to magic!:D ;)

    All gamers-never stop believing in your game!

    I might take gaming a little to seriously:eek: :p

    Sorry if I offended antone who only plays 1 game.
  2. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Magic: the Gathering - 7 (Better deckbuilder than player)
    Star Wars CCG - 2 (Almost know the rules...)
    Pokemon - 3 (Played for a few months, then quit once the game really got hot. Shoulda sold my cards then...)
    DragonQuest - 3 (20 yr old obsolete RPG that I played for a while)
    Settlers of Catan - 5 (beginning to figure out some good strategy)

    I could probably give you a few more if computer games counted

    Civilization II - 7 (I think I'm good, although I've never played against anyone else)
    Alpha Centauri - 1 (Just got it a week ago)
    StarCraft - 4 (You'd think I'd stop playing after getting my butt kicked so many times)
    CounterStrike - 4 (Read comment for StarCraft)
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I don't play a lot of games other than Magic.

    Magic: The Gathering(6)
    Joung Jedi(6)
    Pokemon(-15, I attempted to play for about a week, and gave up on the rules)
    Star Wars CCG(2, same thing, but I kinda had the hang of it)

    That's about it.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  4. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Magic (6, I think anybody here who is rating themselves above a 5 needs a reality check)
    Rage (Dunno, never played it competitively. Got several full sets of both versions if that counts for anything)
    Netrunner (again, never played it competitively)

    The I play Werewolf, Mage, and a wee bit of Vampire (I think Vampire sucky sucks), none of which I can really rate my skill level in.

    You want skill levels? I`ll happily whup yo asses at Tony Hawks Pro Skateboarding 2, or Gran Turismo.
  5. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Magic the Gathering - 4( I have to agree with Giz on rating this if you are a ten how come your name isn't finkel or budde)

    Shadowfist- 2(sold my cards when it died my bad)

    Overpower- 2(still have these cards no one wants them)

    Guardians- 4(sold my cards but considering getting some more they are so cheap)

    non ccgs

    Age of Empires- 2
    Tomb Raider series- 5
    chess- 6

    I don't master anything used to be much better at chess but don't play much anymore.
  6. Purple_jester New Member

    I play all these CCG's...

    Magic - 4
    L5R - 9
    Netrunner - 5
    Pokemon - 7

    Not to mention all these RPG's...

    D&D - 10
    Vampire - 9
    Werewolf - 10
    Mage - 7
    7th Sea - 7
    GURPS - 5
    Battletech - 8

    For computer games...

    Diablo - 5
    Diablo II - 7
    Counterstrike - 3
    Starcraft - 7

    And of course, I've been playing Neopets for quite a while now. ;)
  7. Jake74 King of Worthless Trivia

    I just have time to stick to two:

    Magic (?- not gonna rate haven't played enough different people)
    Dungeons and Dragons (11+ :D - I am the DM)
  8. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Magic: 4 (would say 5 but I've been out of it for a while)
    Star wars ccg : before I quit I was about a 5 or 6 ( I understood all the rules :D )

    generally I hate video games but for some reason I started playing...
    Diablo 2: 4 (pretty good but I get killed a lot :p )

    Age of empires: 3
    Age of empires 2: 3
  9. theorgg Slob

    Magic: this game( I'll say, with the precidence enstablished before the professional, I'm a nine. post pro, 5.)

    XXXenophile(5, Ransac is much better at this game than I am, when he plaid it with me)

    Guardians(picked a box up at discount, never plaid it, so a goose egg "0")

    Netrunner(Once 'pon A'Time... I sold my starters and six boosters off for an equivilant of Magic to the store. I chose Magic over it... "0")


    D&D(Tried a time or two to start DMing with the new boxed set that came out. Noone showed up after the first... 1? -3? Sole Specter could help out on this rating...)

    Kill Dr. Lucky(7-8, I guess)

    Devil Bunny Needs A Ham (9)

    Devil Bunny Hates The Earth (4)

    Ben Hvrt(2)

    Parts Unknown (4)


    Give Me The Brain!! (0, I CANNOT win at this game!!! EVER!!!)

    Lord of the Fries!(4)

    Lunch Rush(8)

    ((( For the above nine,

    Fluxx(6, if the rules say so...;))

    Southern Organisation for Live Action Recreation(3, and Ransac is MUCH MUTCH better than me at this, and it was his first time! ( )

    I'm a former Magic player whose turned into a gamer, and loving just about every aspect of it... except some of the electronic dubthings... I suck at them...
  10. ErinPuff Token Female

    I only play Magic, really, and I haven't the slightest as to my skillage.. I win a lot, but the people I play against really suck.. :D
  11. Apollo Bird Boy

    Magic--I have no idea. I win local tournaments, and I've made top 8 in my only two prereleases... But I don't know about the competition level. I dunno.

    MLB Showdown--9--I win all the time, came in 2nd at Regionals, would have won if it were not for some bad luck and a guy that came from Toronto to play in the OH regionals...

    Any sports video game--7.5--I can beat the computer easily in all of them... I don't know about human competition...
  12. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Gamer, heart and blood. :)

    I play Magic (duh), and I'm not too shabby at it. I'd rate myself around 5 compared to Pro Tour folks, but for my local tourneys, I'd say 7. Not great, but I'm no push over, either. Outside of that, I've dabbled in a few other CCGs (Warlord, Star Trek, L5R, and two games of Pokemon), all of which I find less interesting than Magic. The only one I'm current on the rules for is Warlord, so I'm probably a 3 there, and a two on all the others. Maybe a 1 on L5R, since I don't actually have any cards...

    In terms of RPGs, D&D is my favorite by far and away, simply because I know it so well. I'm about 6 there. Mage is my secondary RPG of choice, and to be honest, I try to avoid dabbling in any others. I have played several other White Wolf games, and a few Shadowrun and Netrunners, but D&D and Mage are where I lay my name.

    In terms of computer games, my 80+ gigs of hard disk space allows me to have a game library the size of your average computer store. :) I play Diablo 2 LoD constantly, but strategy games win out for me. I liked Starcraft, but I overdosed, so now I'm deeply enamoured with Sacrifice and my old Total Annihilation collection. My favorite game of all time would be Archon Ultra, from ages long gone by... It came on 3.5 floppys (3 of 'em), and was the most complicated chess varient of all time. *grin*

    In terms of board games, I play Pente whenever I can. Chess is nice, but I suck at it, so I don't play too often. I love most Chess-esque games, and some chess varients. Basically, turn based board games rule.

    No, wait.

    Games rule. :)
  13. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Lets see here:
    Magic: 6 (I agree with Gizmo on this one. No one should be a 10 cause that means your perfect at it. Players like Finkle would be an 8 or 9 while the majority of other pros would be a 7 or 8.)
    L5R: 8
    Pokemon: 6
    Shadowfist: 8
    Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail: 10

    D&D: 6
    AD&D: 10
    D&D 3rd ed.: 10
    Rifts: 10
    Paladium Fantasy RPG: 8
    TMNT and other Strangeness: 8
    Tinkers Damn: 10
    Big Eyes, Small Mouth: 8
    Vampire, Werewolf, Mage et al: 6
    Earthdawn: 8
    L5R: 6
    Babes with Guns: 8 (god this game was dumb, but very funny)

    Computer games
    StarCraft: 10
    StarCraft /w Broodwar: 10
    Diablo: 10
    Diablo /w Hellfire: 10
    Diablo II: 10
    Diablo II /w Xpac: 10
    Warcraft II: 8
    Halflife: 6
    Civ II gold: 8
    StarTrek Armada: 8
    Dungeon Keeper 2: 10
    Planescape Torment: 8

    And on top of that I owned a gaming & anime shop. So I'm just a wee bit of a hardcore gamer. I think I'll go revel in my geekiness now. :D
  14. Killer Joe Active Member

    Magic: 5
    Pac-Man: 9
    OverPower: 2
    Settlers of Cattan: 4
    Monopoly: 8
    Operation: 10
    Vegas Style Solitare: 6
    Phase 10: 7
    Lunch Money: 2
    Risk: 3
    Chess: 7
    Poker: Can't reveal :).
  15. Bob Idiot

    Magic: 3
    D&D 3rd edition: 6
    I played Pokemon a few years ago, and I was bad at it becuase back then I was a horrible player. Now, if I still played it, I might be a 7 or maybe 8. It's simple...
  16. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    Magic: 4

    Computer games:
    Starcraft: 7
    Starcraft: BroodWars: 8
    Diablo: 100+ (I had 20 level 99s in it with level 10-50 all spells)
    Diablo: HellFire: 1000+ ( 20? try 70) *I got bored*
    Diablo 2: 7 (not as good at it as I was at the first ones)
    Diablo2: Lord Of Destruction: 8 ( a little better that the D2)
    Shogun Total War: 7

    D&D: 2 (i SUCK!!!!)
    DragonLance: 1 ( i SUCK even more!!!!)

    Prince RXI, games are power, and power is in the wrist
  17. theorgg Slob

    What kinda games YOU been playing?

    LOL! :eek:
  18. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Magic - 6 or so. This is based purely on drafting. My constructed playing is excellent as well, but my deckbuilding is always horrible regardless of format.

    D&D - Easily a 10. My group's adventurers still are confounded by the strategies I can give even a group of monsters. And my "anti-party" (the exact opposite of the players themselves) have been giving the group a good competition from the start. In case you're wondering, the "anti-party" is literally the exact opposite of them in my opinion racially. In other words:

    Human -> Orc
    Halfling -> Goblin
    Gnome -> Kobold
    Elf -> Lizardfolk
    Dwarf -> Hobgoblin

    Paladin -> Blackguard ;)

    Warhammer - Probably about an 8. My armies of greenskins have swept far and wide across the old world (ya hear that Spidey? :cool: )

    Mage Knight - 7, I have experience from Warhammer, and I'm quickly picking up the differences between them.

    Diablo 1&2 - 9, I'm a maniac when it comes to daemon slaying.

    Warcraft - 10. The Orcsish horde is like an extension of myself :D

    Starcraft - About a year and a half ago, this would be about a 17 or so (I was first place on the ladder for three months straight, a whole season) After that peak, I stopped playing for a long time. Now, I'm perhaps a 7 or so. Diablo II is eating all of my time ;)
  19. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    I'm a gamer at heart but now limit myself to being mostly a Magic player.

    Magic (4.5)
    only ccg or money intensive game

    I'm still pretty good at computer games:
    Civ/Civ 2/ call to power (9)

    And from my "old thymes":
    ADD (6)
    Rolemaster (7)
    Call of Chtulu (4)

    Now you can add the "traditional"games :
    Chess (4)
    Go (2)
    Diplomacy (4)
    Any card games
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    CE: I read ya and too bad there's not a way to play online. I'll gladly jump at the chance to regain the Dwarven Empire and drive you greenskins back to the holes from whence you came.

    I play anything. Magic, Warhammer, computer games (Majesty and Warhammer and occupied me lately), card games, board games, you name it.

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