G/W Tokens/Doubling Season (casual)

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    For your approval (and suggestions), the tentative build of the Ravnica madness that's been going through my head:

    -Bursting with Sappy Goodness-

    Saproling burst 3
    Parallax wave 2
    Doubling season 3
    Glare of subdual 2
    Perilous forays 2
    Enchantress' pressence 2
    Heartbeat of Spring 3
    Priviledged Position 2

    Twilight drover 3
    Argothian Enchantress 3
    Nullmage Shepherd 2
    Dowsing Shaman 2
    Selesnya Guildmage 2
    Birds of Paradise 4

    Replenish 2

    Temple Garden 2
    Selesnya Sanctuary 2
    Vitu Ghazi the City Tree 2
    Forest 10
    Plains 7

    The basic ideal play-by turn is to play birds 1st turn, then the enchantress second and third will be a hearbeat of spring. From there just try to play the combo pieces of the drover, saproling burst and doubling season. A doubling season with saproling burst could put 28 counters on the drover in a turn. The dowsing shaman recurs the enchantments over and over and the nullmage is used to deal with pesky enchantments and artifacts like suppression field...my bane should I go up against a convoke deck or similar. The deck's rather vulnerable in many respects. Can function well enough with the synergy of drovers and saproling bursts.

    I'm thinking that the 5 card slots occupied by enchantress and her enchantments may be sacked for something else. I mostly want some sort of card-drawing for the deck though. I've also considered Fecundity with the perilous forays and some other sort of sacrifice-to effect. Altar of Dimentia's basically banned in our playgroup...but this deck could probably mill players rather nastily. Or I suppose something to deal direct damage if all else fails like sacrificing to a phyrexian altar and blasting with a brigthflame or some other such nonesense (fireball, disintigrate, ghitu fire).

    Pandemonium would just be wrong.

    Though I would need to get them, I could forgo the enchantresses and use sterling groves for more focus in retrieving combo pieces. The shepherd may be substituted for something else, but I like her when facing other combo-decks.

    Tranquility still ruins my day unless Dowsing Shaman can stay out as does just about any mass removal spell. Though replenish can help with that. I may want to sport regrowth/recollect. Armageddon's just not fun playing against...if you do armageddon, please destroy us quickly so we can play again. Strong control decks and aggro/control probably own me. Pernicious deed and the rock hurt as well...and a friend of ours is playing a dark-fires deck that does works similarly. :p

    Basically there are several ways to win. Pass through opponnent defenses using glare/parallax wave to deliver the ouch from big drovers/saproling bursts/guildmage swarms. The next would be to flap over with spirits from the drover should there be a lot of untargetable type creatures.

    I have a clunky, junky version of the deck right now I'm running for fun. Fading was so good then and doubling season makes it just plaing mean.

    Last question, should I try to fit a Loxodon Hierarch?

    Well, look forward to comments.

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