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  1. orgg Administrator

    I've tried this after Abe Sargent did a little article that my at-the-time playgroup found interesting.

    It is pretty fun, and it's kinda wacky, too.

    The basics of this format are this: highlander, twenty-four lands. One card with the converted mana cost of One in each color+artifact, One card with the converted mana cost of Two in each color+artifact, One card with the converted mana cost of Three in each color+artifact, One card with the converted mana cost of Four in each color+artifact, One card with the converted mana cost of Five in each color+artifact, One card with the converted mana cost of Six in each color+artifact.

    It's fairly easy and quick to build one on MOL, and it's pretty fun. The appeal is much like 5-color/Prismatic's appeal, though the decks are easier to shuffle IRL. :p
  2. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    I see landcyclers being very attractive in that format...
  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Landcyclers, fetch lands, and the new land-friendly artifact soon to be ravaging the formats!...:eek:
  4. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    you seem to be forgetting ONE thing though, train.

    ravager is a oinky....
  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    not ravager...

    land-friendly artifact - the one that lets you bring them back from the gy, and play them... (name eludes me...)


    "crucible of worlds" maybe?...
  6. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    He was using ravage as a verb.

    Anyway, I think it might could be some fun.
  7. matthewneski New Member

    My local play group got into rainbow stairwell a month or so ago and it turned out to be so fun and addictive that it became our main format of choice.

    We set up the rules a little differently. Everything goes the same for the casting costs and required cards. Multicolored cards are strictly banned as are ALL non-basic land. We figured that regardless what they do, non-basic lands can alone make the game retarded. We settled on identical mana curves. We've allowed all cards with X in the casting cost (X counts as 0).

    There have also been a number of upsets that have led to a new wave of banning. Both Worship and Ensnaring bridge are completely banned. There have also been talks to ban any and ALL cards with buyback. Somethings just shouldn't be done multiple times. 5th dawn helped a lot to make these decks stronger as it thrives off of a 5 color combination. For that, the beacons are on the verge of being banned. Many argue that they aren't 'that' broken for this format, but they do hold a lot of potential as you'll see with my deck build. Other bannings include power nine junk.

    I think that while some theme decks like slivers are inventive, i'm not sure how they would function in practice. The format does thrive off of reusable resources and enchantments are key.

    My deck list is as follows:
    5 of each basic land

    Birds of Paradise
    Joiner Adept
    Nullmage advocate
    Dawn's Reflection
    Seedborn Muse *
    Symbiotic beast

    Land Tax
    Ray of Revalation
    Pulse of the Fields
    Decree of Justice
    Beacon of Immortality (don't laugh, it's good)

    Vampiric Tutor
    Demonic Tutor
    Cruel Tutor
    Diabolic Tutor
    Promise of Power
    Silent Specter

    Mana Leak
    Quicksilver Dragon

    Rakavolver (volvers are great for this format)
    Ruhk Egg
    Beacon of Destruction *
    Rorix Bladewing

    Lightning greaves
    Sword of light and shadow
    Solemn Simulacrum
    Guilded Lotus (all those playing Mind's Eye can bite me)
    Planar Portal*

    *These three cards put together a combo so devastating, nobody wants to play me any more.

    It's a little light on creature as I removed a large number. I focused on reusable resources and found some combos that worked well, but were somewhat noncommital. Try out whatever you like and see what works. Mass removal is good, but I tended to opt out and instead run some counters. Artifact and enchantment destruction are still problematic for me. The advocate is versatile but a big target once he gets churning.

    I think that as more and more people start to get into this format, especially in multiplayer games and large scale tourney's, this format will become one of magic's most popular and most recognizable.
  8. Captain Caveman New Member

    This looks fun.

    Here's my attempt at Magic Online decklist.

    1cc Pyrite Spellbomb
    2cc Sun Droplet
    3cc Darksteel Ingot
    4cc Solemn Simulacrum
    5cc open
    6cc Planar Portal

    1cc open
    2cc Chainer's Edict
    3cc Dark Banishing
    4cc Insidious Dreams
    5cc open
    6cc Twisted Abomination

    1cc Condescend or Serum Visions
    2cc Compulsion
    3cc Complicate
    4cc Deep Analysis
    5cc Allied Strategies
    6cc Shoreline Ranger

    1cc Birds of Paradise
    2cc Wild Mongrel
    3cc Sprouting Vines
    4cc Nantuko Vigilante
    5cc Genesis
    6cc Krosan Tusker

    1cc Firebolt
    2cc Lightning Rift
    3cc Thunderscape Battlemage
    4cc Flametongue Kavu
    5cc Tephraderm
    6cc Slice and Dice

    1cc Weathered Wayfarer
    2cc Master Decoy
    3cc Sunscape Battlemage
    4cc open
    5cc open
    6cc Noble Templar

    5 each basic land and 4 Mirrodin's Core.

    :eek: :confused:
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Has anyone looked at this outside of MOL?...

    If so I was surpried capsize wasn't in any decklists...

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