Fire/Ice type 2

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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. How are we today. Yes, I am still in the military and I still have no idea when the next time I will get to use the internet. I had some access when I was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, but my home in St. Louis has DSL and I became spoiled. Since southern Arizona only has 56k available, I wasn't interested in using the internet.

    Anyway, I bought an Apocylpse pre-constructed deck, "Whirlpool" and got some ideas from it. This is what I have in mind:

    4 Fire/Ice

    4 Quicksilver Dagger
    4 Razorfin Hunter
    4 Suffocating Blast
    4 Prophetic Bolt

    2 Whirlpool Rider
    2 Whirlpool Drake
    2 Whirlpool Warrior
    4 Jilt

    2 Dwarven Patrol
    2 Flametounge Kavu
    2 Scorching Lava

    The whirlpool creatures are more in there for fun than anything else, so they are optional. Any help is appreciated.

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