Final, Official Upheaval Postings: White

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    Emulation- (Quality). This states that the creature in question has "0: This creature loses this quality" and "0: This creature gains this quality". You choose whether it is that type or not when a spell or ability checks for the emulated quality. Anything that can be protected from can be emulated. In this set, only creature type will be affected. In one of the spinoff sets, however, color and card type will be affected.

    Overdrive. Equivalent to "Kicker: Remove this spell from the game as you play it." Spells removed from the game this way are made better some way. The spell is removed from game whether or not it is countered or otherwise nullified. Except for the Decrees, theses spells carry a penalty on resolution. If you put a spell with OD into the graveyard, you can't take the action back.


    GFP- Graveyard from play
    CIP- Comes into play
    RFG- Removed from game
    Bury- Destroy without Regen.
    OD- Overdrive
    Emu- Emulation
    Readiness. Attacking doesn't cause to tap.

    White- 50 cards. 10 ENCH, 5 INS, 5 SOR, 30 CR

    Factions: Protector, Samurai

    Common (20)


    Imperial Medic 1W/ T: Prevent 1 damage. 1/1 Protector.

    Frontline Warrior W/, First Strike, 1/1 Samurai.

    Tireless Fighter 1W/, Attacking doesn't cause this to tap. 2/1 Samurai

    Tsumaran Charger 2WW/ Emulation- Wizard or Elf. During your upkeep, target opponent chooses Soldier, Wizard or Elf. All of those creatures attack if able. 5/3 Soldier.

    Lifegiver 1W/ GFP- Gain 5 Life. 1/2 Protector

    Tsumaran Bodyguard W/ W: +0/+1 this turn. 1/1 Protector

    Heroic Daredevil 2W/ Sac: Destroy target attacking or blocking creature. 1/1 Samurai

    Militiaman 3W/ Readiness, First Strike. 3/2 Soldier

    Clergy Deacon 2W/ T: Prevent 2 damage. 2/1 Cleric.

    Crusading Paladin 3WW/ First Strike, Pro-Black. 3/3 Soldier Cleric.

    Mined Fortress 4W/ First Strike. 5/5 Wall.

    Blessed Retainer 5W/ Pro Red, Pro Black, Emulation- Soldier. 4/4 Cleric.


    Honorable cause W/ Whenever ench. creature is dealt damage, gain that much life.

    Total Recovery 1W/ Whenever a creature you control GFP, you may sac TR. If you do, return that creature to play.

    Readiness W/ Ench. Creature has readiness.

    Quickness W/ Ench. Creature has first strike.


    Complete Exhaustion 1W/ Destroy target creature with power less than the number of cards in your hand. OD -> Remove that creature from the game instead.

    Dispel 2W/ Remove target artifact or enchantment from the game.


    Shell Cover XWW/ X target creatures gain protection from the color of your choice this turn.

    Flash of Vigilance W/ All creatures gain readiness this turn.

    Uncommon (18)

    Soulblade Guardian 3WW/ Pro-Black, Pro-Red, Readiness. 3/3 Samurai Protector

    Imperial Guard 1WW/ Emulation- Soldier, First Strike, Protection from Ninjas. 2/2 Samurai

    Salve Carrier 2W/ Emulation- Cleric, Protection from Red, T: Prevent 1 damage. 2/2 Protector

    Hopegiver 2W/ GFP- Attacking creatures become blocked. 3/2 Samurai.

    Essence of Life W/ First Strike. CIP- Opponent gains 2 life. 2/1 Essence.

    Shield Carrier 5W/ CIP- This creature gains Protection from a color of your choice. 4/4 Flagbearer Protector.

    Selfless Fighter 3W/ Sac: Destroy target creature. 2/2 Samurai.

    Guardmaster 5WW/ Protection from all colors. 6/1 Protector.

    Elite General 3W/ Soldiers have first strike. 2/2 Soldier.

    Master Missionary 3W/ Clerics have pro-creatures. 2/2 Cleric.

    Aerial Watchman 1W/ Flying, Emu-Bird. 2/1 Soldier.

    Shielding Focus 3WW/ 1W, Pay 3 Life: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you and creatures you control. 1W: Gain 3 life. Damage dealt to you or creatures you control can't be prevented.

    Compensation 1W/ Whenever a card you own or control is removed from the game, you gain 2 life.

    Prismatic Forcefield 2WW. EC gets prot. all colors.


    Shizuka's Decree WWWW/ Target creature you control gains protection from all colors until end of turn. Overdrive- All creatures you control gain protection from all colors until end of turn.

    Dazing Hit 1W/ Draw a card. Tap target creature. If blue mana was used for this, that creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.


    Nullify 3WW/ Destroy all enchantments you don't control.

    Revolt 3WW/ RFG target creature. You gain life equal to its power.

    Rare (12)

    Muraku, Honorbound Guardian 3WW/ Emulation- Soldier Creatures you control have readiness. W: Target unblocked creature becomes blocked. CIP- Bury all Ninjas, Pro-black. 3/3 Samurai Legend.

    Captain Shizuka 4W/ Emulation- Cleric. CIP- Choose a color. Creatures you control have pro- that color. Pro-red. W: Target creature gains +0/+1 this turn. Ignore "Can't block". 2/4 Protector Legend

    Atsugi Kimura 4WW/ All Samurai have Emu- Soldier. All Protectors have Emu- Cleric. AK gets +0/+1 per Cleric in play and +1/+0 per Soldier in play. First strike, Readiness, Pro-creatures, may block any # of creatures. 1/1 Samurai Protector Legend

    Avenger 2WW/ GFP- Bury all creatures. 2/2 Samurai Protector

    Tsumaran Diplomat 3W/ Emulation- Dragoon or Wurmite. 1U: Target creature is untargetable this turn. 3G: Shuffle target nontoken creature into its owner's library. 3/3 Diplomat

    Banner Carrier 3WW/ Readiness. Whenever an opponent plays a spell or ability that could target a creature you control, you choose the target of that spell or ability among creatures you control. 3/3 Flagbearer Soldier.

    Solarium Checkpoint 5W/ First Strike, may block any # of creatures, Pro-black, Pro-red. 5/7 Wall Legend.

    Body Control 3WWW. If you would lose life, instead put the top X cards from your library into your graveyard, where X is that life. If you would gain life, instead shuffle up to X cards from your graveyard into your library.

    Courage 4W/ Creatures you control may block any # of creatures.

    Antiguard Shell 3WW/ Enchantments can't be played. If an enchantment would come into play, instead it doesn't. If an enchantment card would go into any graveyard from anywhere, RFG it instead.


    Prayer of Deliverance 6WW/ You gain life equal to the sums of all converted mana costs on all permanents your opponents control.


    Quelch X2W/ Destroy X target artifacts or enchantments. OD-> Draw a card for every 2 permanents destroyed this way.
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    Not Bad...

    Prayer of Deliverance is NICE!!!...:cool: ;)
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    It's pretty cool, actually. In fact, it's so cool that I'm not going to point out minor wording errors on the cards. I'll just say that it's pretty cool.

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    That cool, huh? Cool. Check out blue.

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