Final, Official Upheaval Postings: Green.

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    Green 50 (5/5/5/35)

    S I E CR
    Common (20, 2/2/2/14)


    Moment of Strength 1G/ Target creature gets +3/+3 and trample this turn.

    Insurance 2G/ Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to you or creatures you control this



    Needle Spray 3G/ Deals 4 dmg to each flying creature. OD- Deals 4 dmg to each creature. Flying creatures destroyed this way can't be regenerated.

    Primal Charge 1G/ All creatures gain trample this turn.


    Wang's Preservation 1G/ Whenever a creature would be put into a graveyard from play, You may sac WP. If you do, instead its owner shuffles it into his or her library.

    Bear Strength 1GG/ EC gets +3/+3 and trample.


    Xinwa Counselor 2GG/ During upkeep, an opponent chooses Elves, Goblins or Soldiers. You choose one: Put a -2/-0, a -1/-1, or a -0/-2 counter on all creatures of that type. 4/4 Elf

    Xinwa Grappler G/ Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by creatures blocked by XG. 1/1


    Advance Trooper G/ GG: +1/+1 this turn. 1/1 Ranger

    Forest Watch GG/ May block as though it had flying. 2G: Target creature gets trample this turn.

    2/2 Elf

    Speedy Elf 1GG/ Haste. Can't be countered. 2/2 Elf.

    Dog Trainer XGG/ CIP- If you played it from your hand, Put X 1/1 green Hound tokens into play. 1/1 Ranger

    Mistgiver G/ GFP- Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by creatures this turn. 1/1 Preserver.

    Elvish Envoy 3G/ Trample. 4/3 Elf

    Elvish Hybrid 3G/ May block as though it had flying. 3/3 Elf Hound

    Forest Wolf G/ Can't block. 2/1 Hound

    Home Defender G/ Whenever this becomes blocked, it gets +2/+0 this turn. 1/1 Ranger

    Xinwa Wolf Pack 1GG/ 3/4 Hound

    Fledgling Archer G/ May block as though it had flying. 1/1 Ranger

    Roaming Strider 4G/ Trample. Whenever a creature comes into play, this gets +1/+1 this turn. 3/2 Preserver Ranger

    Uncommon (18, 2/2/2/12)


    Wang's Decree GGGG/ Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you this turn. Overdrive- Gain 1 life for every 1 damage that would be dealt to you this turn.

    Cleaving Strike 1G/ All creatures block target creature if able this turn. If white mana was used for this spell, that creature gains first strike.


    Forest Scout 2G/ Trample. Whenever a card you own or control is RFG, FS gets +1/+1 this turn. 2/1 Ranger

    Keeper of the House 2G/ Emu- Elf Pro-Defilers. 1G: All creatures block KOTH this turn if able.

    2/2 Preserver

    Archer Squad 1GG/ Emu- Hound Pro-Dragoons, may block fliers. T: Deals 1 damage to target flying creature. 2/2 Ranger

    Hardy Tracker 3G/ Trample. G: +1/+1 this turn. 2/2 Ranger

    Gang of Bloodhounds 3GG/ Pay 1 life: Until end of turn, you may decide who blocks GOB when they attack, instead of the defending player. 4/4 Hound

    Skilled Retainer 5G/ Trample. G: +1/+1 this turn. 4/4 Elf.

    Elite Hound Squad 3GG/ Protection from Blue. May block as though it had flying. 1G: +1/+1 until end of turn. G: Trample until end of turn 3/3 Hound Ranger

    Sylvan Decoy/ Whenever you attack, you may choose an Elf you control. All creatures able to block this creature do so. 2/2 Elf.

    Pack Leader 3G/ All Hounds have trample. 3/3 Hound.

    Seed Carrier 5G/ During each player's upkeep, you may pay 2G. If you do, all lands that player controls are 1/1 creatures this turn. 4/4 Preserver.

    Stampeder 2GGG/ Trample. GFP- Creatures you control gain +3/+3 and trample this turn. 4/4 Ranger

    Windblade Guardian 3GG/ All creatures block it if able, Pro-black, pro-blue.


    Envoy Recruitment X2GG/ Choose a creature type and a color. Put X 1/1 creature tokens of that color and type into play.

    Wang's Taunt 3G/ Instead of defending player, you declare blockers this turn.


    Nurturing Focus 3GG/ 1G, pay 2 life: Put 2 +1/+1 counters on target creature. 1G, remove 2 +1/+1 counters from target creature: Gain 2 life.

    Needle Trap 3GG/ CIP with 3 needle counters on it. During upkeep, you may put a needle counter on it. Sac: Deals X damage to each flying creature, where x is the # of needle counters on NT.

    Rare (12, 1/1/1/9)


    Start Anew 6GG/ Start Anew can't be countered. Overdrive- Remove all tokens from the game, then each player shuffles their hand, graveyard, and all permanents they own into their library. Each player's life total becomes 20.


    Zheng's Call 4GGG/ Put 5 2/2 green ranger creature tokens with trample into play.


    Antiguile Shell 3GG/ Instants can't be played. If an instant card would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, instead remove it from the game.


    Wang, Xinwa Elder 4G/ All creatures block Wang if able. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to creatures you control. Pro-black. Emu- Elf. Defilers lose all abilities. 2/4 Preserver


    Zheng, Lady of Wurms 3GG/ Protection from blue. Emu- Hound. Creatures you control have trample.

    G: Target creature gets +1/+1 this turn. Use this ability no more times than the number of Rangers you control. Dragoons may be blocked as though they didn't have flying. 3/3 Ranger Legend

    Jun Lingxia 4GG/ Trample, All creatures block JL if able, All Rangers have Emu-Hound, All Preservers have Emu-Elf, Gets +1/+0 per Hound and +0/+1 per Elf. 1/1 Ranger Preserver Legend.

    Xinwa Diplomat 3G/ 1R: Put a +1/+0 counter on target creature. 1W: Put a +0/+1 counter on target creature. 3/3 Diplomat

    Xinwa Harvester 3G/ CIP- Add 2 mana of any color to your mana pool. GFP- Tap all lands you control. 4/4 Preserver.

    Macetail Crusher 7GG/ Trample. Whenever a creature dealt damage by MC is put into a graveyard, untap MC. 8/7 Wurm

    Spineback Crusher 4GG/ Trample. Put a +2/+0 counter for each red mana used to pay for SC and a +0/+2 counter for every white mana used to pay for SC. 4/4 Wurm

    Empowerer 8G/ Trample. GFP- Creatures you control get +7/+7 until end of turn. 8/8 Preserver Ranger

    Frightgaze Basilisk. 7G/ All creatures block FB if able. FB may block any number of creatures. All creatures blocking or blocked by FB are destroyed. They can't be regenerated. 4/4 Lizard

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