Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Notepad, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Well, I finally bought Crystal Chronicles and got three link cords. The game is friggen awesome! Not a great RPG for single player at all, but its a blast to play with friends. Perfect compatability with the GameCube and GBA.

    Just wondering, anybody else get this game? If so, what character do you play?

    My own character is a male Yuke from an alchemist family. Not great at combat, but awesome for group support through magic.
  2. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I haven't had the chance to play Crystal Chronicles. I hear without the GBA and link cords - and the friends, which I am lacking in - it's not all that fun. I want to try it, of course, but then again, I want to try every Square Enix game that comes out, dso that doesn't say too much.

    On a Final-Fantasy-related topic, though, my friend posted this in his LiveJournal last week, and from searching through certain sites, I think it's a heavy confirmation:

    According to Japanese V-Jump magazine (a manga monthly anthology centered around games, IIRC) the new Final Fantasy GameCube game is going to be set in the Final Fantasy 7 universe... My question is, after seeing Advent Children (AKA- That Final Fantasy 7 Computer Generated Anime) this summer, how many crazed japanese are going to flock like sheep to the local Electronics store to buy a Gamecube so they can play this new thing?

    Here's to a speedy American port! :D
  3. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    FFVII-2 eh? I'll buy it.

    As for FFCC, yeah in one player you can use a GameCube controller, but the game is pretty boring without friends. It is essentially a party game disguised as an RPG.

    Not worth playing to the end, though. The ending sucks worse than any other ending in recent FF history. Even FF8's stupid home movie in the credits was leaps and bounds better than FFCC's ending. Even worse, the final battle is a total waste of time. Easy as hell, except for random unfair super-mega-psycho attacks, but you should still be able to just barely survive them and kick the boss's butt.
  4. chris92 king

    i don't own a game cube or a gbc. thus no crystal chronicles experience. i own a ps2 and an xbox though and i am a self-proclaimed seasoned ff gamer. the reason why i don't own a gbc is because here in my country 96% of console/pc games are bootlegs. nintendos mini disc is real hard to pirate and only original games are available. ps2 and xbox games sell for a dollar fifty cents each.
    i sure hope they release that ff7-2 in the ps2. :)
  5. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Hey chris92 there's something I've always wondered about countries where piracy is heavy, and that is: Who buys the actual copies?

    Is it only the bootleggers? Only the rich? Only the people who want to show off their ability to track down a real copy?

    I ask this because in the USA, a lot of people get their rocks off by saying they are pure legit and have no pirated wares or anything. That's nice and dandy, but I wonder what happens when all the market is nothing but bootlegs.
  6. chris92 king

    those who have high moral principle. :) even the cops here buy bootlegs. dvd's, vcd's, as long as it has a cd its pirated. though still some gamers with unmodified versions of consoles still buy original. malls sell bootlegged cd its everywhere, and the gov't is having a hard time stopping this problem. because of the piracy local music and movie business is dwindiling.
    well all i can say is why buy one if u can buy 15 :D

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