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  1. arhar Member

    Allright, here's a question for all of you.
    We all love to play a good six hour multiplayer game, right? And I think it's a well-known fact amongst the casual players that multiplayer games require way more skill than single player duels. So what are YOU like when you play multiplayer? Are you playing a white deck, waiting behind the strong defenses, not letting anyone to get too powerful with cards like Balance, Wrath of God, and StP? Or you're a fast burn player that slaps down three Furnaces of Rath and starts Death Sparking people to the oblivion and if you're sure you're gonna lose, you just Inferno everyone to ... well, inferno (sorry about that, Parents against Magic and other diabolic activities council)? Or you're a blue mage, hiding behind Propaganda, enjoying total control, keeping a handful of Counterspells, Dissipates, Dismisses and Whispering with the buyback at the end of the guy to your right's turn? Or maybe you're a black player with Gravepacts, Dark Banishings, Syphon Souls and Subversions that likes to keep everyone in... well, Terror? Or you're a green mage.. from the turn one attacking everyone and enjoying the best creatures on the board, just waiting to Overrun your opponents at the right time? What kind of a multiplayer are you?

    (PS: This is my first message here.. I think.. Well, since no one replied and said "welcome" to my message on the new members board, it might as well be one)
  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Oops... Guess I wasn't paying attention to that board. In that case, Welcome Aboard! It's good to have you here!

    To your question... I play one of two deck styles in multi-player. The one I play more often is mid-range control. Cards like Wrath, StP, Counters, Gaea's Blessing, etc. Basically, a U/W/g/r deck with lots of defensive measures. If I live long enough to get 6 lands in play, I rarely lose. If not... Oh, well.

    The second type of deck I play is my personal signature deck, Greater Good. My play group has learned to consider Greater Good a 'must-counter' spell. Basically, I use Greater Good, mana elves, Rancor, Endless Wurm, Weatherseed Treefolk, etc, for massive cards and mana. It's faster and better than it sounds, and there's enough varients I've built to literally sink a ship.

    I'll play other stuff too, yes. I'll play beatdown occassionally, Wildfire whenever I'm in a bad mood, and an odd-ball Fish varient when I want to be knocked out soon.

    Multi-player is fun. :)

    And welcome to the CPA.
  3. arhar Member

    Hey, Greater Good fanatic. I know you from MTGnews board =) Btw, talking about Greater Good.. *shudder* Yesterday my friend designed totally killer deck and just DOMINATED Multiplayer. In the end, he won by DECKING 3 PEOPLE!!!! Basically, he had 3 Fecundities out, 2 Greater Good, Altar of Dementia.. 4 Living Deaths.. you get the picture!! Evil card, i'm telling ya... =)
  4. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Multi-player is great. I tend more toward mass card advantage cards, like Wrath, Winter Orb, Earthquake. I usually throw in a Greater Realm or 2 for the inevitable red or black player, and because it combos well with the 'quakes.

    Life gain is important in multi-player too. I usually try to include an Energy bolt or 2 in the decks with red and white, Streams in the green ones, and Fountains of Youth in the rest.

    Oh yeah, and welcome aboard! :D

    CPA Member

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  5. Quill New Member

    Hello Arhar and welcome..I'm also new here.

    First let me say I love multiplayer, its how I learned to play! I'm still learning the game and the 4 people I play with are really old school magic players so I learn a lot every game. My basic strategy (when I want a chance to win) Is to play a green utility deck, with Overrun, creeping molds, mana elves,fog!, elvish lyrists, and strong creatures like weatherseed treefolk and Multani. I usually try and set up a good defense and eliminate worrisome enchantments, then bite little by little until I can overrun for the kill. Lately I've been wanting to expand my decks but haven't had any real success with anything else. But I'm really starting to like Howl from Beyond and I think I'm going to try and build a black/green deck around it. Blue wins a lot of the games in our group but I've NEVER played with blue yet. Going to give it a shot soon though..just to surprise everyone.
  6. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    (Welcome, new folk! Good to see you!)

    Playing w/ my old group I got to see some pretty nefty strategies.

    My friend Ken would hide behind his Forcefield watching the rest of us trying to smash each other...so he played a lot of defensive decks.

    My friend Jimmy had his Time Walk so he liked to play blue control - although, he had a lot of other decks that were just plain fun to watch.

    My roommate Matt had a Library of Alexandria and would build all of his decks exactly 60 cards and would make some awesome combo decks.

    Since my big cards were a Lotus and four Icys (from Ice Age - never got an Unlimitted!) I liked building fast decks w/ lots of critters and would try to pound everyone into oblivion before they could recover...

    Some of the things that we would use included threats that just sat there like Nevinyrral's Disk - if you see something you don't like, punch it! - or cards everyone liked like Howling Mine or Mana Flare. If the card's really nice no one will want to kill you...

    Still, the longer the game took the better...


    "...and cartoon network in the background..."
  7. Killer Joe Active Member

    I have an annoying little deck called "Erratic-Spikes", along with this obviuos combo (Weaver/Feeder/Erratic Portal)I use Wall of Blossoms, Stern Proctor, Equilibrium, Man-o-War (wicked with Equil.), Gilded Drake, Raven Familiar, Yavimaya Granger and the ever popular Sylvan Library/Abundance card-drawing machine. Oh, yeah, and GAEA'S BLESSING!
    I play like a meek, non-threatening, little mouse and never attack anyone until I've stolen big fatties like a Yavimaya Enchantress (+2/+2 for each enchant on it or something like that and an ancestral mask, again a +2/+2 for ea. ench in play?) anyway, this thing I stole was a 54/52 with a Rancor on it.


    Did I win that game? Oh, didn't I tell you that somebody StP'd it? Oh yeah, I won, but not because of that stolen creature, I out lasted everyone what with Weaver and Feederfogging and life gaining.

    ah, yes. Multi-player......................I love it because I love hanging out with my buds. You know, you can really get to know someone in that environment.

    This is Yellowjacket.
  8. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    God, I haven't played Magic in sooooo long, it seems.

    Anyway, my friends always like to play emperor, so I kinda needed a fast deck but also had to have a finishing punch. A standard Extended WW (with Empiryals; worked well in single and emperor). That was a 'general' deck. When I was emperor, Donate was always fun. :D

    Jeez, I think I'm gonna design some fun decks over this weekend.

  9. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    One of the most fun multiplayer games I played w/ my Recurring Spikes deck. The object was to keep recylcling my spikey guys while moving all their counters around and when everyone least expects it - COAT OF ARMS! You wouldn't believe how sick it was to see all those little counters on my little Soldiers, Feeders, Drones, Etc...I even have a Spike Cannibal in there...but that would have been truly sick...


    "...Okay, that's 148 points of damage...what do you do?"
  10. theorgg Slob


    every regular knows I'm partial to (strongly adherent to) theme decks. millitant almost...

    Time to open Apprintice and use it's export as text function?... yep.
    oh yea. I love apprintice. I mean I LOVE APPRINTICE! if you havn't tried it yet, go to www.dragonstudios.com to download it. it's free.(ps. this was not a paid thing... ask any regualr...)

    I play several different styles in multiplayer.

    the following are three of my most sucsessful multiplayer decks:

    //NAME: fog-ive and fog-it
    // By Jensen Bohren
    // /
    // Land
    30 Forest
    // secret winning condition
    4 Feldon's Cane
    // fogs
    4 Fog
    4 Undergrowth
    4 Lull
    4 Constant Mists
    4 Respite
    4 Spore Cloud
    4 Spore Flower
    4 Spike Weaver
    4 Dawnstrider

    //NAME: Poker
    // By Jensen bohren
    // /
    // "Pokers"
    4 Suq'Ata Firewalker
    3 Rootwater Hunter
    2 Zuran Spellcaster
    3 Prodigal Sorcerer
    4 D'Avenant Archer
    4 Heavy Ballista
    // support
    4 Teferi's Honor Guard
    1 Serra's Blessing
    3 Energy Arc
    2 Counterspell
    1 Disenchant
    2 False Demise
    3 Peace Talks
    3 Siren's Call
    // Lands
    11 Plains
    11 Island

    //NAME: Wallace the Hamaphrodite
    // by Jensen Bohren
    // /
    // Creatures
    4 Giant Tortoise
    4 Fog Bank
    4 Wall of Tears
    1 Thalakos Seer
    2 Shimmering Efreet
    4 Wall of Water
    4 Wall of Air
    2 Floodgate
    2 Wall of Wonder
    2 Giant Oyster
    2 Dark Maze
    // support/theme
    4 Hermetic Study
    2 Mind Games
    1 Capsize
    1 Vanishing
    1 Teferi's Curse
    // lands
    20 Island

    what do ya think?

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