Fallout (B/R Aggro)

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  1. Exaulted_Leader New Member

    The Bombs

    4x Hunted Horror
    4x Dread Slag

    The Fallout

    4x Thunderclap
    4x Pyrokinesis
    4x Flameshot
    4x Brand


    4x Cinder Wall
    4x Torpid Moloch
    4x Diabolic Intent
    4x Night's Whisper

    Doomed Land

    4x Bloodstained Mire
    4x Blood Crypt
    6x Swamp
    6x Mountain

    I just scribbled this up, hopefully for discussion. Haven't got my hands on any of the cards yet for playtesting.

    Essentially, I'm looking at building a deck around the two big Horror sticks, using free burn to clear-out the pesky Centaurs that would otherwise bar it's way. The free burn, as a bonus, clears-up my hand for when I want to set the Dread Slag in motion.

    Looks alright on paper, to me. But I'm not sure what'll happen in practice. x.x
  2. Jareth Goblin King Grinning Lavamancer

    I like it , but have you thought about using Rakdos Pit Dragon.
  3. Exaulted_Leader New Member

    I don't really like the Pit Dragon - and I don't think it really synergizes well here.

    ...In fact, after some proxy playtesting, the Dread Slag doesn't work well either. 4 Serum Power in it's place have worked MIRACLES.

    The Cinder Walls have been replaced with Grim Lavamancers, and I feel like the Molochs have to go too. The defenders spend all their time being bait for Pyrokinesis or Diabolic Intent, it seems.
  4. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    A nice trick would be to include Flaring Pain. The protection from black the centaurs have prevents all black damage.

    So, turn two Hunted Horror.
    Turn three, if they only have the Centaur Tokens, attack with the Horror. They'll probably block with both tokens. Flaring Pain will let you kill them both :)

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