Fake Card: Woodland Striker; Green Mouse Ninja

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Force of Will Smith, May 12, 2005.

  1. Force of Will Smith New Member

    again.. ive recently come across some goofy pics... so theyre naturally taking the form of goofy cards..

    they're a lot like a grizzly bear w/ rampant growth built in.. except they come into play untapped...

    there's also a large and a small version..

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  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    silly broken!
    Should be a ninjutsu cost of at least 1G, a p/t of 1/2 a normal cc of 1GG
  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    you think?
    but green usually has beefier creatures.. and the rat is a 2/1 for 1B
    i guess mistblade shinobi's effect would cost 1.. where this would cost 2 for a nature's lore/rampant effect..heres an update

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  4. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Compare it with this.
    And your card has ninjutsu to boot

    btw, it's ninjutsu
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I think the cost can go either way. You can try to match it with similiar cards in the past or make it a "better, stronger" version of the ability. But the 1GG is the minimum it should go, I think...
  6. Force of Will Smith New Member

    i think generally, the ninjutsu cost is equal to an existing spell already...

    Mistblade= U for an unsummon
    Throat Slitter= 2B for a dark banishing
    etc.. so i think this pretty much makes it balanced..

    the centaur costs 4 for a 2/2... so this definately makes it better.. i forsee this being used as a one time effect..
  7. evan d New Member

    I have never seen the centaur rootcaster to be used by non-begginers.

    I like the card. Use the big art.

    I like it at 1GG. Keep GG in the cost no matter what.
  8. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    But these are instants. Rampant Growth is a sorcery. Subtle difference, but I still think the Ninjutsu cost should be 2G
  9. evan d New Member

    Umm, this is from a mono-green deck stand point, but I never use rampant growth, becuase natures lore is simply better.
  10. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Nature's Lore is indeed better is you play mono green or have a lot of duallands in your deck.
    So, for me, rampant growth is the better card :)

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