Fake Card: Combust, Colorless Instant??

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Force of Will Smith, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Force of Will Smith New Member

    You know.. it's about damn time these existed..
    the idea being that they all revolve around machines, but are not considered
    artifact spells so you cant reap any ridiculous benefits.. or tinker a permanent for an artifact...

    whatcha think? keep in mind any color can play these.

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  2. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    hmm... an Armegeddon (2WW) and a Wheel of Fortune (2R)?

    I think this is VERY broken. The cost is way too low, and with both of those effects...well, lets just say if I had 4 of those, no one would ever play against me.
  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    hmm.. ok... im thinking 7 colorless then..
  4. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Might be a little better then. But if you make this set, I want 4 of em.. :D
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I think Rosewater said there's a reason colorless spells like instants or sorceries don't exist, but forget why... I think the idea is nice, just hesitant about introducing something new :)
  6. Force of Will Smith New Member

    Thanks :)... well im "making" the set as i make the cards.. i could send you flattened .jpgs of the full quality version if you want.. you'd have to print them at 300dpi.. or use cardstock.. i could tell you a couple cost effective ways to do so without owning a good printer...

    but ok.. i changed the cost.. and capitalized the T so it actually looks real..

    I currently have 3 sets im working on... or variants..

    ive got the fake one with realistic looking cards and names... such as this..
    i have the goofy real ones.. that are like unglued.. like goblin thief, really cold hands, homophobia, rockem sockem robot,etc.

    the last one is a ghetto set im workin on.. where i have a handful of the cards done.. just need to google pictures mainly..

    Red:rednecks.. powerful but with many restrictions... like okk/flunkies.
    green:hippies that break all the rules.. including a 6/6 for GG that gets a permanent -1/-1 counter on it a little over every 3 seconds, and when its in your graveyard at your upkeep, return it to play. also a green counterspell
    blue: cops and the like, mainly going to be like rebels and restrictive tims.. like tims that can only hit toughness of 2 or less,etc.. and cards like "forgot the crullers" in which for U, you get any card in your library as an instant.. but you remove the rest of your library from the game.
    Black: Remakes of some good black beef.. like an erg raider variant, a sengir vamp and serra angel combined and "thugs" which are all based around things like abyssal gatekeeper "you kill them, they kill you... or someone else who knows them will"
    like if you kill this one you lose a land, this one a creature, this an artifact,etc...

    White: mainly the most vanilla but also some of the most ridiculous...
    one of the best one is called "Excessively White Shirt"
    a creature enchantment that gives its target pro white, red, black, +99/99, flying, haste, trample, double-strike, phasing,echo, and vigilance...
    only problem is.... its a white spell..... and the pro white kills it !!!! BRILLIANT!! :D

    but it cant be completely worthless..
    as there is "Excessively white rapper" who if the EWS is cast on him.. he gets a permanent +3/+3. hes 3WW for a 3/3 vigilance anyhow..

    white also has hustlahs.. who give bonuses but usually at a cost...
    like "The Hookup" (white guy counting 4 1 dollar bills in a backwards hat)
    who is a mana vault for 1W.. but you have no choice but to take the damage.

    Also.. "Frontin' " an enchantment in which no creatures can attack.. but every phrase or sentence you must say "yo" at least once..
    and any player may pay 4 life to destroy it...
    imagine it..

    you:"I'll play arcbound ravager yo"
    opponent:"dammit, you suck..."
    you:"whatever you say yo, you're so dead"
    opponent:"maybe if you didnt netdeck"
    you:" i don't....... DAMMIT!""
    frontin dies...

    or my favorite creature type EVER... BITCHES...
    they all cost 0... are mostly white....
    and all give sliver type bonuses.... here are a few... i just need names for them..

    [Bitch1] 0 0/1
    All bitches get +1/+0
    All spells you cast cost an additional 1

    [Bitch2] 0 0/1
    All bitches get +0/+1
    All spells you cast cost an additional 1

    [Bitch3] 0 0/1
    All bitches gain flying
    All spells you cast cost an additional 1

    [Bitch4] 0 0/1
    All bitches gain first strike
    All spells you cast cost an additional 1

    There are a couple of bitches in black as well.. like my favorite..
    Lokweesha, Golden Tooth.. 1B 2/2
    all bitches get +2/+2
    all spellls you cast cost an additional 2

    despite what you may think.. bitches arent cheesy... and kinda suck..

    T1: +1+0 bitch.... you have a 1/1... Swamp, tap, +0+1 bitch... you have 2
    1/2's and a terror costs you 3B.
    T2: Swamp, tap both for BB, play a flying bitch... now you have 3 1/2 fliers..
    and everything costs 3... you cant cast anything next turn..
    i think at the very best.. they are a free 0/2.. which isnt even as good as ornithopter OR phyrexian walker...

    Artifacts: the artifacts are pretty whacked out...

    Open Mic Night 3 Artifact
    Whenever a player casts a spell, all players must either cheer or boo.
    If the majority of players boo, counter that spell.

    Jon: I'll cast wrath of god.. Yayyyyy
    Timmy: Boooooo
    Tony: BOoooooo
    Brian: Booo
    Jon: WTF?!?! why not?...
    Timmy: i dont wanna lose my bitches!!!
    wrath is countered..

    I was thinking about putting the line "after all players have made a decision, they may reconsider one last time" so maybe they could convince you why..

    Bling 0 Equip:7
    its pretty much.. you pay X life to give a creature +1/+0 until end of turn..
    this one i actually have a kickass pic.

    originally it cost 0, with equip cost 16.. and gave equipped creature +1+0 for each equipment card in your library... only to be used with the original hookup who could tap for 20 colorless mana only used to pay activation costs..

    Ive got 20 inch rims.. but dont really know what to do with them...
    hydraulics will undoubtedly make a creature fly until end of turn..
    ive got double barreled shotgun figured out... just gonna be a bitch to template... ugh...
    taser will tap creatures as long as it remains tapped... um..
    extensions i have no cluse..
    du rag.. no clue...

    there's also an artifact called "Whack records" at this time where you can sac it to undo a bad play you made... but everything your opponent did in response still happens.. !! err... what was i talking about again? :D

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  7. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Lol. Ok for the Bitches....how about all 4 of the Spice Girls? Or of the Dixie Chics?

    Actually what I was asking was if you had a blank card or something, and what you were using to edit it. As in putting the picture in, and putting the text, name casting cost, etc....on it. I would love to be able to do that with my comp.
  8. Force of Will Smith New Member

    !!! oh man i should try that!!!

    the blank cards were made from multiple scanned magic cards. I use plain old photoshop to edit it. I basically use a blank picture of a card for each color, and have templated text layers i can select, deselect, or change.

    The mana symbols, and type is all fonts.. the space for images on my templates are 615x455 300dpi.. i'd recommend 300dpi as no dpi actually improves quality in print..

    if you have photoshop, a clone tool, a set of cards, a scanner, and some patience i can tell you how to make the blank cards and placement of bubbles, casting cost, text, kerning, type,etc.

    you just have to make the actual blanks yourself.. cause it took some hours to scan and make them believable..

    do you have at least photoshop 5.0 and a scanner?
  9. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    sadly, at this current time i have neither, but I plan on the scanner soon. As far as the photoshop, well...My old harddrive (60 Gig) blew up about 4 months ago, and a buddy of mine that works for HP in Houston gave me a 6 Gig HD to replace it with. Sadly I have no room left for anyother programs, but I am saving copies of the cards you are posting here, and if I can manage it, I might be able to use Java or HTML to alter those cards. My main problem is going to be cutting each section into "links" aka hypertags, so that they can be changed. I am enrolled in a HTML programming and web design certification course right now, so I may be on my way to figuring it out. Will let you know if I come up with anything.
  10. Force of Will Smith New Member

    Editing them with java or html would be ridiculous man...

    you have anyone with a scanner? all you'd need is to scan like 3-5 cards that have very little text and clone the rest..
    any program that does image cloning will do for the templates..

    im talking any photoshop.. 5.0 would work.
  11. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    May look into it. HTML is the only [programming] language that I know other than the old DOS programming languages. If I could figure out how to emulate the card colorings, I would be set and it would not be bad. But until then, I will have to stick to other methods.
  12. Force of Will Smith New Member

    yeah.. ill give you everything you need to make them with.. minus the blank cards.. ill tell you how to do that.. (its actually much easier than the old faces they used)
    i could give you the card colorings if youd like..

    you gotta be able to buy photoshop from someone you know..

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