Eye of the Storm

Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by Wurmb, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Wurmb Astral Slide Master

    Eye of the Storm

    I HATE this card, we were playing a fun game of chaos it ended up getting like 15 cards on it, including a twincast, and then took 45 min for 2 people to complete their turns, I quit the game after the first 15 min in to the turn, because it was stupid, confusing, annoying and boring and everyone had responses because there was a rewind on there too so they decided to counter everything and untap their lands and then draw cards with other stuff that was on it and put like 87 spells on the stack and R&D needs shot for making this stupid card. end.
  2. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    If there was only one Rewind, then it would have been only one spell to counter and only four lands to untap...

    I say it's a hillarious card, but the problem is that it's blue and it costs 7 mana to put out.
  3. Wurmb Astral Slide Master

    there ended up being about 18 or 19 total spells on it, i think there were 2 rewinds, one twincast, one dark banishing, one WOG, 2 swords, a few rampant growths, like 2 or some counterspells got put on after i quit, and a bunch of other crap and card drawing stuff and it was stupid...
  4. orgg Administrator

    Yes, this card gets stupid.

    However, to some, that is part of the fun.

    To others, its trying to get it to work in a two player combo deck that kills quickly. They actually have succeeded, but not to a great degree.
  5. Force of Will Smith New Member

    i think as long as you dont play against control decks.. you're good.... :D i think a sweet way to play this would be to run lots of twiddle variants :)

    untap all lands, tap all creatures,etc..
    as long as you play politically.. and have more instants.. you should be able to use every player like a puppet... and not look too threatening..

    i think this card if run in a situation such as yours.. it would suck... tremendously... and someone needs to drop a dampen thought.. or a brainfreeze... just to have everyone die at once...

    its one of those sneaky cards that looks somewhat threatening.. but if abused is just wrong..

    i have a deck that uses the copperhoof vorrac.. along with hunted wumpus..
    the kamigawa wumpus.. tribe elders, quashs and treacheries...
    and 20 "tap all creatures" spells

    copperhoof vorrac costs 3GG for a 2/2 who gets +1/+1 for each untapped perm. each opponent controls..
    one on one hes usually a 5/5 to a 7/7.. and sometimes gets big..
    but if i untap all their lands/creatures/etc after they have nothing to block with.. they almost always take 20.

    and in a 3 player game.. i usually reins of power one players attackers and kill 2 players at once..

    needless to say.. EVERYONE kills the pig.. they steal it... i steal it, they steal it back, his flesh is rended, he's bounced, etc.

    i think unfortunately you were on the recieving end of it.. but i imagine they're might be a way to turn things more in your favor..

    BTW i think the worst part of the "stormed" cards were
    wrath- stalemate cause of no creatures
    twincast- double the threat of any one spell

    toils of day and night with twin cast would have just been fun :D
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Time Warp...
  7. Killer Joe Active Member

    Ah, hey Wurmb, was this the Friday Night Chaos Game at BSG? I'm glad I missed it.

    I think Grant wanted to abuse that card but having Disenchant and a lick of counter magic for the sole reason to not let that hit the board is something to think about in the future.
  8. Wurmb Astral Slide Master

    Yeah, this was the chaos, however that wasn't during the actual game, cause Dave won with 2 or 3 Megrims out and stuff like that, cause everyone was wasting all their counters/disenchants/naturalises on my stuff. Then Dave just killed everyone in one or two turns.
    But the Eye of the Storm thing happened when we were just playing for fun because the first one only lasted like 25 minutes.
  9. brainfreeze New Member

    Eye is probelly my favorate card that has been released recently. It's almost funny to sit there and watch people's heads explode when it goes out of the table especially with a turnabout under it and a instant or sorcery that allows you to draw(Opportunity, Brainstorm). Though the really fun one is when you put a Cunning Wish under it.

    Does anyone else have any experiance with this card, please dont mention using it with Brain Freeze...that one even makes my head hurt.
  10. brainfreeze New Member

    Try an Eye with Turnabout and Sins of the Past....Then procede to play every card in your graveyard without letting anyone else do anything.
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    My problem with this card isn't that it makes everything crazy. That I can deal with. It's that it's a seven-mana enchantment. When enchantments start casting more than six mana, I start asking why I am not using Yawgmoth's Bargain, which has a better ability than pretty much any other enchantment...

    ...except maybe Divine Intervention.
  12. brainfreeze New Member

    Granted, those just dont have the overpowering presence..i've had people just pick up their cards when I third turn one of these. [2x Dark Rit 2x Islands 1x Swamp] it's kinda funny..though you have to admit this card forces you to learn the stack.
  13. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Eye of the Storm with:

    Parallel Evolutions
    Squirrel Tokens!
    Time Warp
    Time Spiral
    Ancestral Recall


    Now there is a deck idea!
  14. brainfreeze New Member

    yea, I went eye with turnabouts, traumatize/tunnel vision and random cards to force people to draw.

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