Extended W/R "War and Peace"



Okay, the moniker isn't that catchy. <laughs> Take a gander at the decklist and see if you can come up with a better name... ;)

War and Peace

War, war, stupid... = 16
4 Wildfire
4 Stone Rain
4 Pillage
4 Avalanche Riders

Just give peace a chance... = 8
4 Swords to Plowshares
4 Wave of Reckoning

People, er, Cats to spread the word = 8
4 Glittering Lynx
4 Glittering Lion

Fueling the Drive = 8
2 Thran Dynamo
3 Marble Diamond
3 Fire Diamond

Powering all this nonsense = 20
9 Mountains
7 Plains
4 Crystal Veins

Admittedly, the mana base is a tad bit janky. Maybe Gemstone Mines and Cities of Brass in place of a few mountains and plains? That or 4 of that W/R dual... I wish. ;)

The deck itself is pretty fun to play though. It's relatively mindless ... and it's fun to watch, play, and get your heinie handed to you with... :D

Defense of Selections:

The LD elements need no further explanation, yes? :)

Swords was and still is the best pinpoint defense of white. Wave of Reckoning functions as a psuedo-Wrath, with the added advantage of letting your assorted felines survive the aftermath.

The felines COULD be replaced with Chimeric Idols and Spheres. In that case, it's better to retool the mana base entirely and put in Wrath of God instead. Personal preference dictates the creature selection here. That and card availability... ;)

Hmmm. Not much to discuss here, I guess. I also tried cooking up a T-2 version of this, but wound up with a pale shadow of the deck. The Wildfire is absolutely essential for the deck to really rock. :D

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? :)


CPA Trash Man
Um, it looks all right. But, there are better creatures to use than glittering cats.

Ransac, cpa trash man


But then I like any deck with cats in it. And avalanche riders are really good. and Plateau is the land you are thinking of. Wildfires is a really good card for this deck.

Major Crime

How about Peace or Pieces

I remember from somewhere "Come in peace or leave in pieces".

Where's the Cursed Totems to stop them turning the cats off?



Okay, you're playing w/r, right? Where are the red nasties? Come on, you know what I'm talking about! add one of these:
Covetous Dragon
Shivan Hellkite
Crater Hellion


Regarding Red Meanies:
I DID initially think about plugging in red monstrosities just to further annoy mah lovable opponents ... then decided outright that getting murdalized by a glittering kitty was a lot more aggravating. <laughs>

Regarding Cursed Totems:
No real need for 'em, Mister Major sir. With all the LD (Wildfire is the main culprit) floating around maindeck, the cats are usually invulnerable.

A friend of mine who I used this deck on immediately called it "Kitty Ponza" after glaring at the Glittering Lion on the table, the Incinerate in his hand, and his two mountains. The name sorta stuck. ;)