Explination of a new custom-made expansion, "Atonement"

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by WickedBoy6, Dec 3, 2002.

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    In dictionaries I have found, the word "atonement" is defined as: Amends or reparation made for an injury or wrong; in Christian Science, the state of oneness between man and God. I feel by these definitions, my self-created expansionmeans something.

    In the sense of the former, I feel I'm paying amends to the game I once loved, then forsakened. Three years of inactivity & not buying cards is a LONG time in the Magic universe (I missed one year once; The entire Rath Cycle nearly passed me by before I came back on the tail-end of Exodus). Type 2...even Type 1.X is a different breed of animal I do not fully understand. By returning not only during the beginning of a new expansion block, but to a format (CPA) that is willing to help me catch up to what I've missed (unlike the people at e-league), I feel I can start fresh with the game that helped open the doors for me to RPGs of all sorts, other CCGs, and even my own imagination.

    The latter definition fits in the sense that this expansion makes you feel like God...okay, that's stretching it...A god...much better.

    The story begins, innocently enough, back in high school. "Unglued" had just released, and the "Mount Eden Five" (my friends Tyler, Garret, Sean, Skip, & I) decided to decipher the message at the bottom of the cards. Once we discovered it was a "Cards Pulled" list, we thought it would be great to give those cards a second chance, so we began designing "Unglued: Second Coming". Wel, after we had designed this little card set, we discovered it sucked. All we had to work with was the names, nothing else. I felt a little discouraged, but we didn't stop. We decided to scrap "Second Coming" & focus on a more serious expansion.

    At first, it was titled "Judgement", a 150-card expansion ready to shake the world of Magic down to the core, with the expansions "Apocalypse" & "Retribution" to follow...go figure WotC has already used the first two, now the latter, sounds a little out of place. After looking through the CPA forum, I decided to ressurect the brainchild of the "ME5" for the Casual Players. I will be unveiling the cards in the coming weeks...once I find the cardlist in my disaster of a room. Stay tuned!
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I think the name sounds fine...

    What about Conquest and Revelations for the next 2 sets...

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