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  1. K New Member

    Finally, after playing with this and that, adding and subtracting, I came up with my version of Black/Blue control deck. Finally, a deck of mine not contaminated with Saga Block cards, and that doesn’t use 6th edition. Keep in mind that this deck is played against non-Saga Block decks.

    Here it is:

    Control - 16 cards
    4 Massacre
    4 Addle
    4 Recoil
    3 Tsabo's Decree
    3 Specter's Wail
    1 Unmask
    1 Do or Die

    Extra Mana - 3 cards
    3 Dark Ritual

    Search - 4 cards
    3 Fact or Fiction
    1 Probe

    Creatures - 9 cards
    4 Urborg Skeleton
    3 Goham Djinn
    2 Extravagant Spirit

    Lands - 24 cards
    14 Swamp
    6 Island
    3 Salt Marsh
    1 Rath's Edge

    Addle, Specter's Wail, and Unmask replace the counter power for disruption. Addle provides a very efficient card removal; and really, I don't see where the draw back is. The Specter's Wail is not that great, but there aren't many options. There is only 1 Unmask because I don't like it's ACC; but just incase I happen to draw it early; I could use it. It's mainly there for the late game.

    Massacre, Tsabo's Decree, and Do or Die are all amazing cards. Massacre needs no explanation. Tsabo's Decree is more, or less amazing, depending on the opposing deck. I like it though, because it's flexible, and splash able. Do or Die is great against those annoying swarm decks; if I really need it, Fact or Fiction and Probe could help me get it.

    Fact or Fiction leads my manipulation list. It's really great, and it doesn't effect the Extravagant Spirit that much, since I could choose which pile I want; in fact, the presence of the Extravagant Spirit makes Fact or Fiction an even bigger of an annoyance than it already is for my opponent.
    I added one Probe because I really like its Kicker. I don't like playing something like Probe early though, so I didn't add many of it to the deck. If I do get it early, however, I'll just play it, if I'm desperate that is.

    The Urborg Skeletons and Goham Djinns are amazing. Their true power has yet to be discovered. They are both great against creature decks, not to mention, the most annoying creature, Blastoderm. Urborg Skeleton dies with my own Massacres, so I developed a strategy: to never play the Urbog Skeleton unless I have another one in hand (for after the Massacre) or if I need to block a fatty in play (like Blastoderm).
    Both, the Urbog Skeleton and the Goham Djinn are Black, meaning they are impervious against those vicious Snuff Outs and Vendettas.

    Extravagant Spirit is so amazing; I'm surprised why it doesn’t see more play. Any deck with Blue that empties its hand moderately quick, could use the Extravagant Spirit. Even at an upkeep of 1 mana (or 2, if you feel picky), the Spirit is still undercosted. It’s in the deck mostly to act as a finisher.

    Tell me what you think. Do I need any add-ons? Any take-outs? Did I overlook something significant? Tell me!
  2. Purple_jester New Member

    Err. So in other words, this is a Type 2 deck.

    That being said, you could always replace some of the basics with a couple of Underground Rivers, for more efficiency.

    The reason why more people don't play Extravagant Spirit is that blue usually has a lot of cards in hand, either due to holding counters or massive card-drawing. Truth be told, you may find some conflict between this card and Fact or Fiction.

    You might have trouble with heavy-blue control deck, since your discard s primarily for disruption and not the main focus (whch is blue's biggest weakness). Most control decks of this type have a lot of the cards you use (sans the discard) and COUNTERS. Such a deck would definitely find a way to deal with your 5 damaging creatures (the skeletons don't really count in the beatdown category).

    Can you find room for just 4 counters?
  3. K New Member

    How about 4 Counterspells? I can't seem to get 4 Undermines (they're really hard to find).

    Should I remove the 3 Specter's Wail and the 1 Probe to add 4 Counterspells?

    I really was hoping that someone find a good way to deal with creatures, away better than the Urborg Skeletons. Anyone?
  4. terzarima New Member

    Did I see a snuff out in here? Really... well that's a good creature control, for non-black that is. Creature control... pestilence maybe, seal of removal, sever soul, are all some good things that kill non-black creatures but I think black is going to be pretty big this year, so I'm not sure if that will help much
  5. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Ademis: Sever Soul is non-black
  6. K New Member

    The reason I don't have any Snuff-Outs is because they don't destroy non-Black creatures, and as we know it, Black will be played, therefore, there will be many instances where a Snuff-Out is useless.

    Would Thrashing Wumpus fit in there better than the Djinns?

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