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Estrid's Saga [EDH]


The Tentacled One
I'm a bit late in posting my latest list from the West Coast Commander League. Sorry, I've been busy. Also, I won't have one for you next week because I'll be participating in South Sound Magic's "Ultimate Melee 2020" Brawl event, which runs at the same time as the weekly West Coast Commander League meetup.

Anyway, I didn't get around to building this deck until the morning of the event, and I'd been promising myself that I would not be doing that anymore. Oops. I totally forgot to run any gods and any cards with the Escape mechanic, which meant I was locked out of ever earning points for those. So my score wasn't especially high. Still, the deck performed better than expected.

1x Estrid, the Masked

1x Abundance
1x Academy Rector
1x Alchemist's Refuge
1x Anvil of Bogardan
1x Arcane Denial
1x Arcane Signet
1x Argothian Enchantress
1x Arid Mesa
1x Ash Barrens
1x Auratog
1x Beast Within
1x Brainstorm
1x Breeding Pool
1x Burgeoning
1x Chromatic Lantern
1x Cowardice
1x Crop Rotation
1x Cultivate
1x Cyclonic Rift
1x Dovin's Veto
1x Earthcraft
1x Eidolon of Blossoms
1x Elvish Reclaimer
1x Enchantress's Presence
1x Enlightened Tutor
1x Eternal Dragon
1x Expedition Map
1x Fertile Ground
1x Flooded Strand
1x Force of Will
4x Forest
1x Frog Tongue
1x Hall of Heliod's Generosity
1x Hallowed Fountain
1x Harrow
1x Heliod's Pilgrim
1x Humility
1x Idyllic Tutor
1x Intuition
3x Island
1x Kodama's Reach
1x Mana Drain
1x Marsh Flats
1x Maze of Ith
1x Mesa Enchantress
1x Mirari's Wake
1x Misty Rainforest
1x Moat
3x Plains
1x Polluted Delta
1x Rancor
1x Regrowth
1x Reliquary Tower
1x Rhystic Deluge
1x Rhystic Study
1x Savannah
1x Scalding Tarn
1x Seal of Cleansing
1x Seal of Primordium
1x Serra Ascendant
1x Serra's Sanctum
1x Sigil of the Empty Throne
1x Smothering Tithe
1x Snow-Covered Forest
1x Snow-Covered Island
1x Snow-Covered Plains
1x Sol Ring
1x Solitary Confinement
1x Spike Weaver
1x Squirrel Nest
1x Sterling Grove
1x Strip Mine
1x Supreme Verdict
1x Swords to Plowshares
1x Sylvan Library
1x Temple Garden
1x Terminus
1x The Mending of Dominaria
1x The Mirari Conjecture
1x Time of Ice
1x Tropical Island
1x Tundra
1x Utopia Sprawl
1x Verdant Catacombs
1x Verduran Enchantress
1x Wild Growth
1x Wilderness Reclamation
1x Winds of Abandon
1x Windswept Heath
1x Wooded Foothills
1x Wrath of God
1x Zendikar Resurgent