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en-Kor Mono white



Yes, I know that the en-Kors were ages ago. But I've just finished it and wondered what you thought.

4 Shaman en-Kor
4 Nomads en-Kor
4 Lancers en-Kor
4 Spirit en-Kor
1 Warrior en-Kor
2 Veteran Bodyguard
2 Ironfist Crusher

1 Story Circle
4 Disenchant
2 Wave Of Reckoning
3 Pacifism
1 Swords To Ploughshares
2 Castle
2 Armageddon
1 Zuran Orb

2 Kor Haven
4 Forbidding Watchtower
16 Plains

So, the idea is to absorb any damage by spreading it thinly across the creatures - drop it to a bodyguard, let the shaman take it and then spread it out, and nibble away for 1 or 2 until your opponent dies.

I'd replace one of the pacifisms with a STP if I had a spare one...

The Ironfist Crushers are the newest addition - they used to be Radiants Dragoons, and before that they were Kjeldoran Phalanxs, basically a fat 2/5 or 2/4 to drop damge into. I thought the Ironfist/Shaman combo might do nicely.

Wave of Reckoning/Castle is always fun. Took out Lord Bane's Nichol Bolas with that recently, which was entertaining.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the Zuran Orb/Armageddons. They're in there and seem to be randomly useful - but they don't fit the "theme" of the deck, really.


I was actually thinking Crusades and another Castle, but you could be onto something there...

Maybe 2 Crusades and a Disc?


pariah also fun card. I played a deck with 4 warrior en kor and 4 spirit encor and some protection from colors creatures. I think 4 swords good in any white deck. I dont think need nev's disc. I think either wrath or gedeon. No need to clear the board, I think geddeon work best with this. Also good one is the enchantment that makes creatures like cho-manno. Were prevent all dmg to them.


The reason I mentioned the disk was because you had nothing to reset the game if needed... and getting rid of your own land won't help...


The main times I've used the geddon were just following a wave of reckoning that wiped the other side of the board...but, you're right, my super blocking abilities are kinda useless if "he" has more creatures than I can block...

Lord Bane

Get Stuffed Bryson!,

You may have taken out Nicol, but I seem to remember you getting hammered by every other "device of pain" I have.

Although, the "En-Kor" deck has some nice touches.

By the way I now have 4 fluctuators, and the "Rift" deck is now almost ready to be unleashed.

Beat you soon!


I think you should play cho-manno, revolutionary, or/and task force. Pariah is better than pacifism. Play it on cho-manno.
Personal incarnation fits the theme, and makes also tricks with pariah (redirect damage done to incarnation to youself, and then redirect the damage from yourself to the creature pariah enchants).
I think I´ve done it before, but heres my en-kors:


16 plains
1 karakas
2 crystal vein -goes well with land tax
2 ancient tomb -pariah
1 kor haven

4 nomads en-kor
4 warrior en-kor
2 wall of essence -will soon be Legions wall of hope
2 task force -absorbs infinite damage
3 spirit en-kor
2 cho-manno -absorbs infinite damage
1 lancers en-kor -sucks, but I have to play all en-kors
1 veteran bodyguard -fits the theme
1 personal incarnation -fits the theme, and I really enjoy playing stuff like that

3 land tax
2 seal of cleansing
4 pariah -creature kill and fog in one. Comboes with cho-manno or task force.
2 cho-mannos blessing -very nice in combination with pariah. Even on opponents creatures!Good with all en-kors.
1 skull of orm -gets pariah, blessing or seals back.
1 story circle
1 worthy cause -an old combo -makes infinite life with en-kors and task force
1 celestial convergence -wins when you have infinite life. Worship is better -far to good!
1 zuran orb -helps celestial convergence (and you!)
3 wave of reckoning -just plain good in this deck
1 kor chant -sucks, but I have to play it

I dont know why I havent any ivory towers in it -guess it fits with 3 land taxes.


The cheapest combo though, that I run in my version is:

Wall of Glare + Inviobility + Pariah