Elections will be postponed or canelled in the event of a terrorist attack

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Donkey Rhubarb, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    The thread? Yeah, I started the thread.

    The baseless and immature name-calling in place of actual debate? I'll let you take all the credit for that, cause it was all you till that last post of mine.
  2. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

  3. Reverend Love New Member

    No, I simply stated I believe you lust for the Bush administration to be just as malevolent and power-mongering as you preach. Mainly for some type of twisted self-gratification I guess.

    And yes it's true I said you’re angry...so angry you'd make baby Jesus cry.

    Then YOU started up with the name calling....
  4. Reverend Love New Member

    Jesus-H Christ did you even bother going over the links you used?

    Like this http://www.rense.com/

    This dude is jabbering on about freaking UFOS!


    I like how you link to other like minded forums...nice how that works.

    I've got to go but I'll enjoy going over the links you provided.
  5. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    I didn't link.

    Dude, get this through your head. IT'S AN ASSOCIATED PRESS ARTICLE.

    Yeah, It's been posted on other sites. It's AP.

    I posted the links to the first page of responces from Google.

    ABCnews.com is in there too.

    I like how you think that because a conspiracy theorist is hosting the AP article that it means it's fake, or now no longer legit.

    I got it originally from ABCnews.com.
  6. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    I don't know where any of this is coming from, but I guess I'll let you live in your dellusional little fiction world if it helps you to cope.

    yeah, of course I'm angry, they're undermining the very fabric of our democracy.

    You we're extreemly condescending, called me a moonbat, and assumed I was a "dirty tree hugging hippy." That was you, not me. I beleive the first post you welcomed me here with was one accusing me of wearing an aluminum foil hat, for posting about CoIntelPro, which, if you weren't living in such an insular fiction world, you'd know was an actual FBI operation, not some conspiracy theory.

    You don't READ much do you?

    You know, like news? Newspapers? History books?

    They were found out, and broken up, and laws were passed so that Government agencies couldn't abuse power like they had. These very laws were then repealed by the USAPATRIOTact, which is why the USAPATRIOT act brings us closer to fascism and further from a constitutionally limited Republic.

    Now, if you want to offer an informed opinion on that, that's fine. But to be an ignorant, ill-informed person who doesn't think that actual events in history occured, telling ME that I'VE got no clue, and that moreover, I'm an aluminum hat wearing moonbat (whatever that is) becuase I'm talking about somthing that you've never heard of, that's just brazenley ignorant, self-serving, and perpetuates your lack of insight, though insulating yourself from facts that disagree with your fictional fantasy world.

    What a welcome you gave indeed...
  7. Alright already.

    Let's talk about sources for a minute. First of all, news articles are fine for direct quotes primarily, but even then, context and facts are many times ravaged like a gang rape of the truth.

    I prefer seeing a little more than what Fox News, CNN, or the NYT presents alone.

    To me, an exception to this on AM radio might be Michael Savage . . . yes?

    In general, most generally posted sources are like a-------, every body has one that works for them.

    I say look for and post direct transcript whenever possible.
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Media sources are also suspect. They have agendas and biases just as the printed media. FOX notably leans towards the conservative (or so it's said :) )
  9. Yes, I agree on both sides. You think CSPAN okay?
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I guess it's all right but you really need to gather from lots of sources, not just one.
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    and it's always better if your source is not at gunpoint, at the time of revealing...

    I personally use all venues, printed, electronic, talk, and visual...

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