El Camino- My shot at an original Extended deck

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  1. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Here it is. It's a little like PT Junk, a little like 3-Duece, but completely different and yet competative.

    El Camino

    4x Hunted Wumpus
    4x River Boa
    4x Birds of Paradise
    2x Masticore

    3x Cursed Scroll
    4x Powder Keg
    3x Wax/Wane
    2x Seal of Cleansing
    4x Swords to Plowshares
    4x Rancor
    4x Call of the Herd

    4x Wasteland
    4x Treetop Village
    4x Brushland
    4x Savanah
    6x Forest


    Hunted Wumpus Super Fattness is good. What are they going to lay down, huh? I almost can guarentee you that it's not going to be bigger than a 6/6 wumpus. If it is... you can either Lay an Armadillo Cloak on their creature or Give it the Sword. not to hard to get rid of a threat.

    River Boa This is where the Wumpus perhaps fails miserably. the Boa should be starting to pound a blue opponent by the time they get a free Morphling via the Wumpus. It's a solid creature. It regenerates too...for only 1 mana, it's got the best landwalk ability in extended and is completely solid all around.

    Birds of Paradise acceleration. I'm only playing 4 plains (Savanah), and to much land for Land Grant to be good. This my form of acceleration for the deck. you can Rancor it to make a 2/1 flying Tramler. not all bad eh?

    Masticore This is the anti-weenie card in the deck...just burn the little twinkie winnkies off the board and you beat them over the head with some massive colorless damage. If somehow they end up tapping out then the 'Core can eat up a Mophling for breakfast but it isn't likely. All in all yet another solid creature for this deck. Good Synergy with Cursed Scroll.

    Non Creature 'Stuff'

    Cursed Scroll Colorless Damage=good thing. ME LIKEY. goes in any deck almost. Antother solid card for the deck you can get rid of blockers and/or burn away that last point of life or two. It's hell for your opponent if you have multiples in play. Solid. Synergy with Masticore.

    Wax/Wane Enchantment Removal is important. You kill Oath, Illusions, enhancers, and other such things as Deed. It can in a pinch, put the deck over the top with a couple extra points of damage.

    Seal of Cleansing See Wax/Wane only add Masticore, Cursed Scroll, Powder Keg and such to the list of things it can blow up.

    Swords to Plowshares A 'friggin' MAZING! The only reliable/good form of creature removal in white and green! WoW, they gain some life....toguh shishkies! Scroll the extra life or, burn it away with Masticore.
    Removal is good.

    Call of the Herd A 3/3 creature for three mana and followed the next turn by another 3/3 for 4 mana...Idealy dropped on turn 3 and followed up on turn 4. this ends the game quickly. Definently one of the better cards from Odysey. I'm not going to say solid this time because it's getting old and I'm done with the creatures and spells. What the heck! Solid!


    Wasteland It trades one for one with your opponents lands 90% of the time. It's a great card in the format. Definently the Strip Mine for extended. Simply Beautiful.

    Treetop Village A creature/land. A 'man land' infact. Can't really decscribe a 3/3 trample for two mana that can produce a mana as well. I like winning with these, mainly because I like telling my opponent he has just been beaten by a LAND! Nice Card!

    Brushland Two colors in one land is good. This is in here because with 4 white cards and only 4 Duals to support it, this semingly sub-optimal land turns out to be benificial.

    Savanah Of course the appropriate dual is mandatory for a deck sporting the appropriate colors.

    Forest If you don't understand, quit magic now!

    There it is guyz and galz, work it and if you pechance tune it up a bit, please post a deck list of the version you would play. DO NOT ADD ANOTHER COLOR! I don't want Junk, Duece, or 3 color control of any sort.

    Thnx, T.J.:p

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