Ebola and you


Isengar Tussle
Since the CPA Members come from a wide range of cities and countries (mostly the US),:
What has been the local reaction to the Ebola virus and the CDC protocols?
There were no changes that I saw to the arriving flights in Pittsburgh or Memphis, but that was the end of last night and those were domestic flights, but I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
My kid works a a local hospital and they haven't instituted any changes, but it is a psychiatric hospital.
But it is right in the medical hospital complex and the research facilities of the university and the medical center.


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I don't have any direct dealings with anyone in hospitals or in the nursing/doctor field, but haven't really read anything either about the preparedness of local hospitals or airports.


I'm just north of Dallas, which I believe was the site of the first incident in the US. Some people are freaking out, but I see no reason to.


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Been reading some more today, it's not encouraging when a nurses' group says they haven't been adequately prepared or informed about Ebola for their respective hospitals...