Dromar's Domain

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  1. Jake74 King of Worthless Trivia

    I've made a few references to this deck, now here it is...
    I know it's not tourney ready and it is limited to the rares I own, but feel free to suggest more rares... I should have Rout in, but I don't own any...

    Dromar's Domain(IBC by accident :))
    1x Dromar, the Banisher
    2x Reef Shaman
    2x Dream Thrush
    2x Wayfaring Giant

    3x Opt
    3x Collective Restraint
    3x Phantasmal Terrain
    2x Allied Strategies
    3x Global Ruin
    2x Illusion/Reality
    1x Death Grasp
    2x Gerrard's Verdict
    3x Vindicate

    3x Evasive Action
    4x Dromar's Charm
    1x Absorb
    1x Undermine

    2x Drake-Skull Cameo
    2x Seashell Cameo
    3x Plains
    3x Swamp
    8x Island
    4x Caves of Koilos (using proxies for 2-- anyone want to give me some??)
    (I use 2 mystical tutors when playing for fun)
    There it is.... what do you think??

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