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  1. Vyncent D'Jesus New Member

    2x Forest
    2x Island
    2x Rhystic Cave
    2x Swamp
    3x Planes
    3x Mountains
    2x Urza's Tower
    2x Urza's Mine
    2x Urza's Power Plant
    1x Urborg Volcano
    1x Elfhame Palace
    1x Coastal Tower
    1x Shivan Oasis
    1x Salt Marsh
    Non-Creature Artifacts:
    1x Predator, Flagship
    1x Seashell Cameo
    1x Drake-Skull Cameo
    1x Bloodstone Cameo
    1x Tigereye Cameo
    1x Troll-horn Cameo
    1x Urza's Filter
    3x Belbe's Portal
    1x Sol Ring
    1x Planar Portal
    1x Thran Dynamo
    3x Birds of Paradise
    1x Tek
    1x Teeka's Dragon
    1x Captain Sisay
    2x Quirion Elves
    1x Two-headed Dragon
    1x Volcanic Dragon
    1x Shivan Hellkite
    1x Catacomb Dragon
    1x Viashivan Dragon
    1x Crosis, The Purger
    1x Dramar, The Banisher
    1x Treva, The Renewer
    1x Darigaaz, The Ignighter
    1x Rith, The Awakener
    1x Fountain Watch
    1x Captain Sisay
    1x Armadillo Cloak
    1x Teferi's Moat
    1x Teferi's Curse
    1x Obliterate
    1x Sterling Grove
    1x Fires of Yavimaya
    1x Alexi's Cloak
    1x Kaervek's Torch
    1x Spirit of Resistance
    1x Pulse of Llanowar
    1x Ghitu Fire
    1x Fertile Ground
    2x Harrow
    1x Coalition Victory
    1x Tsabo's Decree

    Please tell me how i can make this deck faster...most of the spells cost insane amounts of mana

    And i took out the sideboard cuz i dont play with them...most of my friends dont really use typical decks...(i dont think they even use any ports in anything)

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  2. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    Do You have any multi-copys(4) of any of these cards?

    I would say take Sisay out of the SB and put it in the main deck, That should help get Your Dragon Legends.

    Try to focus Your deck with this goal in mind, You want big Dragons to hit the board as fast as possible.
    Your main cards to make this happen - Sisay, Belbes Portal (urza's Incubator also works), Mana creatures, and search (Worldly, Vampiric, and/or Enlightened Tutors.

    Now, try to build around them.

    Here's a really rough example.

    4 Captain Sisay
    4 Croisus, The Purger
    4 Darigaaz, The Igniter
    4 Rith, The Awakener
    4 Birds of Paradise
    4 Belbe's Portal
    4 Utopia Tree
    4 Worldly tutor
    4 Enlightened tutor
    24 Land
  3. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    I have a cheap adaptation. Here it is:

    3 Tolarian Academy
    4 City of Brass
    4 Terminal Moraine (a card that will be in Planeshift)
    2 Island
    6 Plains
    6 Forest
    3 Captain Sisay
    4 Rith the Awakener
    4 Darigaaz the Igniter
    4 Treya the Renewer (I want to avoid using black as much as possible.)
    4 Tinker (yup, that's right)
    4 Grim Monolith
    4 Voltaic Key
    4 Belbe's Portal
    4 Planar Portal (the second key here)
  4. Vyncent D'Jesus New Member

    thanx you for all you help on this deck everyone...but just so you all know i am making this deck with only cards i have or cards i can get easy access to...like no city of brass and only up to 2 of each of the legends...but thanx

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