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  1. RabidKimba I loathe the undead.

    I remember hearing a bit about this a few weeks ago, but it just dissappeared, no showing at states, nothing. I was thinking about putting it together, can anyone help me with this decklist?

    Basis of domain decks everywhere:
    4 Allied Strategies
    4 Collective Restraint
    4 Fact or Fiction/Worldly Counsil (can't decide)
    4 Harrow
    4 Rampant Growth
    4 Sunscape Familar (Impulse for U, and draw 5 cards for 3U is strong, I hear.)
    4 Opposition
    4 Ordered Migration
    2 Goblin Trenches
    2 Bearscape <-- used to be Ruins, but these are great. Ruins are in sideboard now.
    11 Forest
    7 Island
    4 Plains
    1 Mountain
    1 Swamp

    Or should I just play Dome-ain?

    Input is greatly appreciated.

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