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Discussion in 'CPA/WOTC Magic Issues' started by Darsh, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Discussion Corner:
    What is YOUR Multiplayer Strategy?
    Some topics for thought:

    Playing Style: Do you like to sneak around or do you stand up and yell "My name's Joe and I'm here to bash your head in!!"

    Decks: Do you like the wacky fun theme decks or the more serious decks that you think will win. Do you perfer control or combo or beatdown?

    Strategy: What are some tips you give to multiplayer newbies? What are some of your ideas about multiplayer deckbuilding/card choosing?

    Talk it up:)
  2. arhar Member

    For me, all of the above always depends if I'm playing for ante or not :D
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Good start, Darsh!

    I play mostly creature-type decks (not really control, but not pure beatdown either) so in general I just build up and make sure I have defense before I go on the offense. The only type of multiplayer I've really played is a circle and you can only attack in one direction, so that pretty much meant I just had to watch the person on my sides (creature-wise).

    So that's what I'd suggest to a newbie: play slow and build defense before offense (let everyone else waste their stuff on each other).
  4. Landkiller CPA Menace

    What I play and do :

    I always play my single-player "fun" decks. These decks are good control decks but not combo, and don't respect any rules of deck-building or Wizards errata. I have enough light left in my soul to avoid Stasis. So far.

    Sometimes I play specific fun multiplayer decks, made to make everyone eat an infinite Prosperity, or generally freak everyone out. Then it's countered and I die. This is a rare occurence, but sometimes I go psycho with things that say "Destroy all ..."

    I rarely play traditional creature decks. Actually, I never have yet. I also hate to play Counterspell Blue, preferring Bounce Blue.

    I have won multiplayer games with a Theme Drain deck. Exponential Market!!

    What else wins that I don't play :

    I have seen lock decks and graveyard recursion win often. Decks with X spell burn win more than I'd expect. Sneak attack is awesome. Pebbles combo has won before, but usually one of the players can stop it.(that player usually lets the pebbles player kill everyone else, though) Creature decks never win. Or, actually, rarely they can. If the Power decks fight each other, the beatdown decks sometimes slip in. But I wouldn't bet on it. In my group, discard decks always have failed. Because none of the better players ever have built them. Infinite Lifegain, or near infinite lifegain, has won, as well. I don't get annoyed by Congregate. Worship, or things that say who wins, loses, or doesn't lose, annoy me.

    Things that don't win multiplayer :
    Land Destruction decks.
    Decks with Manabarbs, or other cards that needlessly annoy, without significant damage to all players.
    Decks with no instants
    Players who can't keep a hand.
    Mono-Green Decks are 0-10 million in multi-player

    On Multiplayer Diplomacy :
    When I win multiplayer games, it's because I threaten players who assault me. I have a reputation for destroying anyone who damages me without my permission. Therefore, no one ever attacks me unless they are sure to kill me.
    I willingly cast Kaervek's Spite whenever I am fatally stricken. I never attack someone who does not attack me, unless the consensus of the table is that the person is a threat. I help mana-screwed players, because I expect the same. But I play 30 lands in a 60 card deck in my favorite deck, so it's never my problem(except when someone has the audacity to play a first turn limited resources in an eight player game). I control table opinion to balance the alliances if possible. Equally balanced alliances expending much resources while I occasionally shoot in a burn spell, or attack, is a good recipe for my victory.

    Generally, sit on your land with untapped mana and a full hand, and a creature or two untapped at home. You'll be fine. It is good to have a Counter or Misdirection if possible. Misdirection is Five-Stars!!
  5. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    multiplayer decks my best multi player deck is my themed angel deck spliced with a massive amount of life gaining, congregate, the more people, the more creatures, the more creatures, the more life for me,

    and then i have my Dauthi deck, now usually a deck with creatures that can't block would be bad in multi, but when you use crawlspace with walls like wall of shadows most things don't get through, oh and let us not forget that with a deck this fast most opponents, if they all don't decide to get rid of me at once, die very quickly
  6. Baskil CPA Member

    When I play multiplayer, which aside from two-headed giant, I don't play too often, I usually try to 'not lose'. The current deck I have now is a u/w control deck with no real cheesiness. Little countering ability, and the potential to remove any creature from the game. Usually, I am able to establish control, and people are afraid to attack me. On the bad side, however, is that my deck is very vulnerable to decking(since I have Rebel Engine+Card Drawing).

    The other deck I have attempts to win. It's R/w with a *ton* of global burn (Flame Rift/Furnace of Rath or Earthquake/Repurcussion/Furnace of Rath goes a long way) and white for life gain.
  7. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Since we have a good discussion going I'll start.

    Playing Style:Reflects my personality
    I'm quiet...until I'm ready to kill, then everyone feels the pain.

    Decks:I like both the theme and killer decks, my two favorite ones would be my Spike theme deck:D and my Pestilence deck(Fits my personality perfectly):D. I usually play control oriented decks, but I do have a modified Rebel deck(Wins with the gliders, key card Island Sanctuary; hey look! you can attack me and I can't be decked!

    Strategy:Build a strong defense, let everyone else wear themselves down before you go in for the kill, be prepared for global spells(Living Death espicially)

    Landkiller: You don't get annoyed by lifegain? Have you ever seen a lifegain deck with life in the thousands? It's plenty annoying.

    arhar: Non-ante multiplayer.

    BTW try Washout in multiplayer, espicially against the mono-green player, the look on their face is priceless.:)
  8. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Darsh : You don't get annoyed when you have an 80 point prosperity in the wings. Or when they have no permanents left. (even if you can't possibly defeat them by life) I've seen recursive lifegain from Spirit Linked Serra Avatars attacking my Will-o-wisp get out of hand, but I've also seen Arcane Lab-Hesistation-Lifeline-Opalescence-Cowardice-Opposition decks get out of hand, with an untimely Replenish. One deck you can still win against.
  9. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    I have three main decks that I use in multiplayer play:

    Massive Green Beatdown complete with Vitalizing Winds and Hermits; Angel Life Gain deck with tons of enchantments, Serra Sanctum, and Worship; and my 5CG deck with one of each Invasion Dragon Legends, and plenty of others.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    How do you get "recursive life gain with Spirit Linked Serra Avatars"?
  11. Baskil CPA Member

    I had a deck that I used to play in type II back when it was Rath/Urza's. It used Oath of Druids, and four Serra Avatars. It would Fling, Worthy Cause, Rancor, and just beat my opponent upside the head. Playing it in multiplayer, I would add Noble Purpose, Gaea's Blessing, and probably High Markets/Phyrexian Tower.

    I'm pretty sure that's nothing like the deck he has, but it's an idea :)
  12. Landkiller CPA Menace

    You attack with Spirit Linked Serra Avatars and I block with a regenerating creature. After some time, it gets to a scary life total. Noble Purpose or the new Armadillo Cloak could be used in the same way.
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I was thinking it was all happening the same turn...
  14. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    My two favorite decks are mono green suicide huricane and enchantress.

    With enchantress I just cast worship, enchantress, amadilo cloak, flight, spirit link and other fun enchamptets like the one that makes her unblockable. ANd a spirit linked sera avatar at the late game. All i have to do is sit there for a while just casting land and countering any direct threats. Then i start puting down alot of stuff fast and countering if they try to counter.

    My huricane deck just gets a butload of mana with elves and then streams of life and huricane for 20. Some times it works, but just once per group :). I also pack some overuns just in case.

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  15. krichaiushii New Member

    Well, to answer the first question, I generally use the chaos theory when playing -- affect as many people as possible WITHOUT resorting to game-stalling cards.

    That being said, I usually launch attacks "to get things going" before I establish a solid defense -- impatience is one of my flaws.

    As for deck types, anything that is creature heavy. Even monoblue decks -- at best I run 4 assorted counterspells (again, too impatient to use them properly -- or worse, off getting food when something worth countering is cast). So I guess beatdown decks are my preference. The only combo-type deck I have involves Windfall and Megrim and all the rest of the global discard. People don't really like that one. :(

    I like "party" cards, such as Wheel of Fortune, Veteran Explorer, Invigorate, and Noble Benefactor. My logic being the more cards people have in play, the more interesting the game gets.

    Other fun cards are those that speed up game play, either through speeding library depletion (Howling Mine), increasing the mana supply (Mana Flare), or inflicting upkeep-based damage (Copper Tablet, Urborg Stalker, Forsaken Wastes).

    That being said, I try to build decks with some synergy. Urborg Stalker and Ascendant Evincar both work well in monoblack (permanent, at least) decks. Add red for multiplayer burn (Sizzle, Flame Rift), and you have the basis for a mean multiplayer deck.

    Diplomacy for me is very much a give and take issue, and can quickly turn into a game of king-making (I die next turn, but I will see to it that person A dies, too!).

    Reset buttons that your deck cannot take advantage of slow things down, and should be shunned. Wrath of God screws everyone, but if your deck has creatures that come back (Avenging Angel, Ivory Gargoyle) then its okay, as you can wing your way to victory on your resurrected creatures. You get the picture.

    Life-gaining on the whole is acceptable, but when done in obscene amounts (like Congregate in an infinite squirrel deck), it only results in your being targetted by everyone. If you do run considerable life-gaining, also run cards that use life as a casting or upkeep requirement (Cleansing or Glacial Chasm), in order to not be as large a target.

    Cards with ACC really come into thier own, as the conditions can be met fairly easily. Especially the instants.

    Don't be afraid to play the cards with large casting costs, as multiplayer games take longer than duels (thankfully), so you can actually hardcast that Leviathan AND attack once or twice with it.

    In some circles, decking yourself can be a real possibility. Try to include some form of graveyard recursion (Feldon's Cane, Gaea's Blessing, Rancor) in your deck.

    Monocolor decks are fun and powerful, but two or three color decks prove far more versatile. In addition, while 4 of a card ensures consistency, try running single or double copies instead. This allows for more variety and encourages creativity. Who knows, you might even discover good dueling "tech" as a result.

    That about sums it up. My feet are numb from three days in the mud and rain. My unit's been released, and I am off to bed.

  16. BurlyBrute munchkin wrangler

    Most of my group decks have no natural creatures.
    I find them way to fragile in my group. Also since I'd rather run everyone out of cards than win by damage, I go for control.
    Since I'm not going for the kill, I don't care how much life you gain.
    I do have lands, artifacts and/or enchantments that create creatures, and one of my favoite combos is; Reins of Power and Life Chisel, hehe, nothing like eating 40 points of power.
    Sacred Mesa and Glorious Anthem is another fave.
    And nothing much beats 4 Ivory Towers (we play type I) and a Glacial Chasm in a Blue card drawing monstrosity for sticking around til the end.

    Besides, doesn't everyone love drawing cards?
  17. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    i must say BurlyBrute that is the best saying i've
    heard in a long time, blue is the definative evil color
    " It is the nature of evil to turn you against yourself " - Starke
  18. BurlyBrute munchkin wrangler

    Why thank you Azreal, yes, while some colors win by brute force, the subterfuge that is the very essence of blue, is wickedly evil. It's so evil, no one should play it but me...
    I know I feel more trepidation when an opponent lays an Island on turn one, than with any other basic land.
    (and I've been playing since Fallen Empires)

    "Mommy, make the bad Black Vice go away."
  19. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    A friend of mine plays a purely evil G/W Serra Avatar deck, with Armadillo Cloaks, Spirit Links, and Noble Purposes. I believe his life was somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000,000,000,000 after 50 turns.

    My group is rather combo-heavy. I probably play more combos than anyone else, being as evil as I am, but almost everyone has their own unique combo or one-card theme deck.

    There very few people who play global resets, which causes all of us to overextend consistently when someone does cast the rare Wrath.

    As I said, I play mostly combo decks. I do not play many psycho 5-card combos (except for the Sap Cluster/Fecundity/Altar/Urza's Armor/Squallmonger deck - I can't play that more often than every 5 months) Oddly enough, my best decks are the ones that are NOT combo - Shadow, Big Green, 100-card Rebel (original names!). Stupid Disenchants...

    My diplomacy depends on what deck I'm using. With any of my combo decks, I try to arouse as little attention as possible until my diabolical laughter echoes through the room when the combo takes effect. When I play a more late-game deck, I try to remain neutral in conflicts until someone provokes me, which is one of my character flaws. I'm never aggressive enough. Maybe that's actually an advantage...

    Hope my 1 am ramblings had some coherence.
    I use big words in the wee hour of the morning! :)
  20. Killer Joe Active Member

    Play Style:
    Be quiet as a mouse all the while setting up for the big 'stall' and bring the game to a screeching halt (Winter Orb/Wrath of God/Armageddon/Propaganda/Gaea's Blessing- Bwahahahahahahaha! :))

    Lock-Down, the only real choice, but hey, that's just me, I'm a party animal :).

    Always look like you're not a threat, and look like you're always getting 'screwed' with each permanant that hits the board :).

    Yeah, you'll walk out of those games not gaining any friends but, HEY, you had a good time being annoying to others, and isn't that what it's all about?


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