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Discussion in 'Suggestions/Help' started by FoundationOfRancor, Aug 4, 2000.

  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Well, I think we should have the option to delte our posts. In another thread, something I said offended someone, and I wanted to get rid of it. I couldnt, so I jsut edited it all out. I dunno, is there a reason we dont have this option?
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I think you can delete your own messages. It's under the Edit option on the bottom of messages when you read them.
  3. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    When you choose 'edit post' and go to the edit screen, there's a checkbox in the upper left corner that says "Delete This Post" or something along those lines.

    I use it all the tinme.:)
  4. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    That's a relief. And here I thought I was imagining things, because I went back and couldn't find certain posts. Phew. Now if only we could get this tap-dancing elephant to listen to reason....
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    I know I'm going off topic right now, but what the hell...
    Hey, FounderOfRancor, I heard some of your past stories.
    I think they were great (except the animal sex one).
    So, are you Casey? I'm sorry, but I don't know, I'm new.

    About the delet thingy, don't deleat your posts right now, I want to read some of your 'stupidity' :)
  6. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    haha, I have alot of "funny" stories....
    I put "funny" in "" becvause there NOT funny to me!!! just to everyone else!!! noo!!!!!
    Thanks everyone for letting me delete my posts! I jsut wanted tohave the option
    *smiles devilishly (yeah, thats a word)*
  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    They're not "funny" to you?
    Good lord. You can't possibly tell me that you were "serious" about some of those past posts.
    Do you read what you write? :)

    Dang it, this place is wacko.
    It's really psycammar(don't worry, that a new word I just created to describe you) :)
    You're one hell of a psycammar.
  8. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    *feels intimidated by big word*
    No, I ment stories like the beastlove sotry...

    What does that word mean?
  9. DÛke Memento Mori

    Why, couldn't you find it in the dictionary :)
    Oh, nevermind, it's not there :)
    I made the word up it means:
    'casey is a psycho intelligent freak of nature...'
    You can't use this word to describe ME or Yellowjacket, because it's definition means YOU in particular :)
    I like making up new words.
    Casey is a Psycammar :)
  10. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    The thing that disturbs me is that casey acts like that on his own. His friends don't even need to get him drunk to make him to wierd things. Although one might wonder what he would do if he were drunk....
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    You know Casey in person?
    I think he's an alright person, not too lame, not too cool.
    He's the wildest person on these boards, SO FAR :)
  12. theorgg Slob

    [me] begins picking DUke's nose for him[/me]

    yea. FOR is pretty odd... If I could get a picture of somthing that looked like a foundation of rancor, I'd make a Mr. T vs the Foundation of Rancor.

    though one thing still isn't clear to me-- If the definition of psychammer is FoR, then wouldn't "casey" be Psychammer?

    HEY, Zadoc-- GIVE FOR THE NICKNAME Psychammer!
  13. DÛke Memento Mori

    First off, it's PsyCAMmer not PsyCHammer :)
    Second, here's the complete definition:

    Psycammer(Si-cam-er), Adjective: 1. Casey, super intelligent freak of nature, 2. FoR, super intelligent freak of nature, 3. TheFounderofRancor, super intelligent freak, 4. any person that HAS BEEN Casey.

    much more understanable :)

    Zadoc001, you really should give him that nickname, Psycammer, I think it matches him perfectly :)
  14. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    I don't think we should be able to delete our own posts.If you really think somthing post it if your not sure than don't.Back at mtgnews a friend put the flame right under my ass for an ugly post (thanks duke).And made me realize how it could be interpreted by others even if it wasn't what you meant.Yes if you do visit the site I was the one that caused the thread about the long misunderstanding.I still stand by the idea of my post but am ashamed of the way that i presented it.With the freadom of speech comes some responsibility like not shouting fire in a movie theater.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...a philospher:).
    And they say, I talk like a philospher!
    Hey everyone, read what Sage just said:)!

    Deleting one's own posts could lead into trouble.
    I flame you, you flame me, I delete my flame post, and you will look like the bad guy! How bad is that?

    By the way, FoR, you aren't a Psycammar anymore!
    I saw your picture at AIM from Doe, you don't look like a Psycammar!
    You actually look like a normal person!
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Actually, I believe that if you delete your post, everything after it gets deleted also. So in your scenario, both flames will get deleted and no one will be the wiser.

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