Darksteel Reactor Control Deck

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  1. slurpbro New Member

    3x Darksteel Reactor
    4x Energy Chamber
    2x Power Conduit
    3x Magistrate's Scepter
    4x Fabricate
    4x Counterspell
    2x Foil
    2x Sunken Field
    2x Rewind

    2x Glacial Wall
    4x Fog Bank
    2x Stinging Barrier
    4x Coretapper
    2x Disruptive Pitmage

    20x Island

    Simple enough. Stall with walls while you counter anything threatening with counterspells. Then get out Darksteel reactor and some other methods of getting counters, build up to 20, and win. This is the first control deck I've built. Any help?
  2. jorael Craptacular!

    Very nice deck. I really like it. Coretapper for the win!

    I'd swap some creatures (not coretapper :cool: ) for some mass removal. Evacuation or something or add a color like red and add pyroclasm or slice and dice (perhaps even prophetic bolt for creature control and card selection).

    Sunken Field and disruptive Pitmage don't seem to be very spectacular in this build. Maby replace them with Sun Droplet? It's a great lifegainer to gain extra time (especially with the other 'counter'-cards). Becomes even better in multiplayer or with multiple turns :)

    Speaking about Magistrate's Scepter, have you tried playing 4 copies? It seems like a game winning card.
  3. slurpbro New Member

    Thats a great Idea! When I think of Sun Droplet, I not only think of stalling, I think of Power Conduit with it to speed up the Darksteel Reactor Process. I was just thinking I needed more charge counter generators in thins deck. Without the sunken feild and disruptive pitmage, I need more counterspells, though. I was thinking Daze because I can't afford Force of Will or more Foils. Also, how about Mana Leak? It is just a slightly worse Counterspell in this deck, so it would definitely help.

    3x Darksteel Reactor
    4x Energy Chamber
    3x Power Conduit
    4x Magistate's Scepter
    4x Fabricate
    4x Counterspell
    3x Daze
    3x Mana Leak
    4x Sun droplet

    4x Fog Bank
    4x Coretapper

    20x Island

    Going creatureless is bad, but I think this deck can win fast enough (for a control deck) it won't be a problem. Sun Droplet will help big time. It can turn any damage I take into counters for the Reactor, via power conduit. Eventually people will be afraid to damage me if they can't kill me in one fell swoop. Now that I like. Thanks for the idea, Jorael.

    Oh, yeah. I took out the Foils. I can't afford them. ( This deck is only on paper as of now.) You know what? This deck could be fast enogh and efficient enough to be a new archtype. (I hope) I can't wait to try it out.

    I like building decks with some non-basic land. Any ideas? I was thinking instead of 20x Island it looked like this:

    4xStrip Mine
    12x Island

    That helps in the stalling process.
  4. jorael Craptacular!

    Oasis? They don't give mana. Strip mine? they are restricted (1 max) in type 1 and banned in other formats.

    You'll need more mana sources than 20 too. The last thing you want is not being able to cast your spells on time.

    I'd go for 24 mana producing lands not one less.

    With only artifact and blue spells cloutpost (Mirrodin) is nice:

    20 Islands
    4 cloudpost

    The urzatron can be an option (urza's mine, tower, powerplant, 8th edition) if the deck has less blue spells:

    12 Islands
    4 urza's tower
    4 urza's powerplant
    4 urza's mine

    Myr retriever might be a good creature: block an attacker, return an artifact. 2 together can block one attacker all day long.

    Energy chamber is nice, but not spectacular. Coretappers and power conduit should be enough counter sources

    I would try something like this:

    28 Artifacts
    4 Magistrate's scepter
    3 Darksteel Reactor
    2 power conduit
    4 sun droplet
    4 coretapper
    4 myr retriever
    4 bottle gnomes
    3 skeleton shard

    8 Blue spells
    4 mana leak
    4 fabricate

    24 lands very basic:
    14 island
    10 swamp

    OR something like:
    8 islands
    4 salt marsh
    4 urza's tower
    4 urza's powerplant
    4 urza's mine

    This version has 12 creatures and the skeleton shard can recur them all. I love bottle gnomes, they are a good blocker & life gain package.

    PLUS: Coretapper + skeleton shard + magistrate's scepter = infinite turns.
  5. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    You know, I was going to suggest putting in Hinder over Mana Leak and replacing two Swamps with Islands, but it occurs to me...if this deck doesn't win quickly enough that Mana Leak would work just fine, it's probably not going to win. On the other hand, since you're going to be tapping out to play your permanents, something like Daze is probably a good idea; don't want to get caught with your pants down, after all. (I'm pretty sure that's a match loss.)

    Play on, playa.
  6. jorael Craptacular!

    yeah, you're right and the build I proposed is not very fast.

    Ah whell... I don't feel like completely finetuning this deck. It is a fun deck, but needs some time. Good multiplayer material.
  7. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    i kno ur goin for a conntrol theme but, maybe splash like 4 red mana sources for 4 dismantle? speeds up the reactor by like 6-10 turns! maybe even use city of brasses to get the red mana or something.

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