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    Raising the dead(post)

    Ok, the flavor has changed slightly but its still the same idea in here.

    My 2 cents: I started during late 2nd edtition. I played one campain for about 2 hours, but we quit that becuz we had a bad dm/total newbies. Then another friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join his campain. I said I would, and thats when I got swept away. For the first few meets it was a little chopy since he was just starting. But after about 5 meetings, he'd gotten the hang of it. Now we weren't quite the overpowered group, but we were fairly strong. I think it took about 20 or so meetings b4 we lost a person(and it was only cuz my friend and I killed him, but he had it coming).

    After that point, we swithced to Ravenloft, land of undead and scary things. Let me tell you something about Ravenloft: its a great addition to a campain, but it is one of the worse places to be stuck in. My friends that are still in that DM's campain, have been in ravenloft for so long, they can't remember life b4 it.

    I told you that story to tell you this one(gotta love Bill Cosby)

    I am now a Co-DM with my friend Ben. We're gonna try and run a 3rd edition improv campain. Basicly, we have a basic set storyline that the pc's will follow, but they can take whatever twists and turns they want to get there. We're not using any books other than the 3 core, and any Fantisy novels we think would be good to base a campain on. This will work out one of 2 ways: Our friends will praise us as the best dm's they've ever had. Or they will leave due to total lack of structure. Either way, i'm sure they'll have some fun while with us(even if it is the "Random kill-this, kill-that" type of fun.

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