Dælith, the newest block! I wish.

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I have tons of Ideas. In fact, I have an entire block planned out. I already posted an article (My new cards) where all of my ideas so far are posted. But there's also a story behind all this.
I want to get it printed, but so far I don't have the story fully together. Originally, I wanted it to be something resembling a Terry Pratchet work, fantasy fused with comical elements. However, I have since then realized that something like what I got out of it (With the warning in the front, 'WARNING! In this book, everything can and will be brutally mocked!) would never make it past any editor.
The whole idea wasn't all that new, and it was honestly almost a ripoff from Eragon (Hey Christopher, we're still waiting on the third book over here!), with crazy stuff like dragon bonds and stuff... Well, those remarks, plus a computer worm from Malaysia eating my computer and corrupted databanks (I'm just guessing that the worm had 50 swamps or something, plus a nightmare and a drain life in the hand, plus four cabal coffers), the story was lost to the Æther. The good news is, I have finally got a new computer (an apple, so virtually virus-immune), and I'm back to writing.
Basically, the story revolves around the young man Darren Hælthus, who finds out that he has a draconic bloodline. On the plane of Dælith where this story plays, the only people who can cast magic are those with the blood of dragons (note: this could be any kind of ancestors, but the nearer the relation, the more powerful the arcanic bonds), and Darren obviously is possessed by a particularly strong bloodline, his power is incredible. He masters incredibly quickly the Hyperspeed spell.
Invocations of magic are made possible in Dælith through speaking in Draconic (quick tip: most of the words are anagrams to french, english or german words) and connecting themselves to the spellforce. This force, however, takes the life force from the beings as bargain. The more powerful the spell, the more the being is drained of energy, resulting in worst case senario in death.
Dælith is in hard times. Ages ago, a portal was ripped in the fabric of Dælith, allowing demons from the seven hells to come to Dælith. Entan, master of the elves and also the greatest mage ever, managed to seal the demons behind the worldwall, a cocoon that sealed their conquers (known as the darklands) from the rest of the world. Let it suffice to say that something incredibly stupid happens, the wall breaks, and the demons get a new break at Dælith, and Darren has to stop them.
There are several major races in Dælith. Blue gets once again a solid race, this time not merfolk but waterfolk, beings of pure magical energy bound to water with an unbelievable sentience. Then there are the humans. They span all over the place. Elves also appear, and there will be a big dragon theme. Darren even has a dragon companion in the story (at least the original version; I know that it'll appear again, but the original was too much of a ripoff of Eragon), exactly like many of the main characters. Demons have a massive comeback with the Circle Demons, the rank creatures (For more info, see my new cards) Goblins make almost no appearance here. Their replacements are orggs (I wrote this before I came into contact with any Orggs, these are just demon-goblin/orc halfbreeds which need a new name.
Well, that's about all there is about this new block. Send responses! And read my other article, My New Cards!