Current Standard Cards that will benefit the most from Odyssey

Discussion in 'CPA Voting Forum' started by Mikeymike, Sep 28, 2001.


Which card(s) will benefit the most from Odyssey?

Life / Death (both or either side) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Coat of Arms 1 vote(s) 50.0%
The Familiars 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Pernicious Deed 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Restock 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Undermine 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Probe 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Wild Research 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Hibernation 1 vote(s) 50.0%
Other (whatchu thinking) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    There will be plenty, pick your favorite or add your own.
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    It gains IMO the most from Odyssey, for one measily black mana you can deny your opponent a FB card and draw a card.
    Nice deck thinning for Black.
  3. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Damn, I knew I forgot something. Cremate was supposed to be on this list but I forgot to include it. I agree that its play value just went through the roof w/ Ody.

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