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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by K1, Dec 11, 2000.

  1. K1 New Member

    Just for kicks, I decided to stop by again.

    I've gone into hibernation since the end of Urza Block.

    Whats magic like these days? Yes, that is a broad question, but I'm looking for a variety of answers
  2. rYaNsPVT New Member

    well, in the mercadian masques, there's the spellshapers. then, nemesis went into fading. prophecy likes untapped lands, etc... then the invasion block returned the gold/multicolored cards, the kickers, dragon legends, djinns, powerful legends, bla bla bla. to name only a few... but, we have a lot to thank to the urza block(echo, and many cards were banned during this block)... as if i'm a magic guru... i started magic lst june... but i had my first deck(special delivery) early this year... that's why i became attached to my argothian wurm and wildfire...
  3. Killer Joe Active Member

    Well, there's been much discussion on casual play vs tournament play. Several weeks ago a relatively new pro-tour guy named Aaron Forsythe wrote an article on the Dojo that was mispercepted as anti-casual (this is my side of the story).
    Tournament play:
    Extended is stagnant (as always) with Trix (the reason that Dark Ritual was banned in extended) and Tradewind-Survival being the dominant decks (there are others too).
    Standard is still deveolping with Fires and Rebels being popular.
    Casual play:
    It's still here :)
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Fires being a deck based off of a 1RG Enchantment that gives your creatures haste and can sack to give something +2/+2. It's in Invasion.

    Type 2 has really begun to show some neat things in high-level tourneys, like Two-Headed Dragons getting into fights with Rith, The Awakener (a legendary Dragon from Invasion, 6/6 for 3RGW with some nice abilities) played by Zvi and Finkel respectively, which is bringing back a lot of the 'epic' feel the game had oh-so long ago. I would say, despite the power of Rebels and Fires, this is by far the most interesting Type 2 we've had since the olden days. Dragon vs. Dragon combat and ground battles to die for - This format rocks!

  5. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    ah...Fires of Yavimaya. that is a lovely card. quite usefull when your opponent only has so many creatures, and so much life. *sighs* ahhh....the stench of living wood burning. j/k ;) yes, casual play is starting to exceed tourney play at my tourneys. so our tournaments are more flexible, and there isn't a lot of pressure on us to win, but instead, to just play for fun.
  6. Purple_jester New Member

    The speed of the current Standard is MUCH slower than back when Saga was around. Nothing except Dark Ritual produces multiple mana conveniently, and it's in vogue for lands to come into play tapped. The three most dominant color combinations are R/G, U/W and U/B. The only two relatively mono decks in general circulation are blue skies variants and rebels variants.

    I'm pretty confident that nothing in Invasion will be banned, YET. I'm looking at some cards with the potential to become broken, but the way to abuse them is as yet undiscovered or doesn't exist.

    Casual play (plus Arena League) is still around, and the most favored tournament formats where I come from are Sealed and Draft.

    Some of the most universal cards in circulation have changed. No more Morphlings or Masticores or Gaea's Cradles. Instead, we've got Rishadan Port and Tangle Wire and Dual Lands, plus everyone I know wants an Urza's Rage or Void or Fruit Tree (aka. Utopia Tree). ;)

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