Crystal Shards! AHH!!!!

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    Not of this world, eh? What about the activation cost how does that work?

    Lemme see here... You Pay 3, tap it or pay U, and tap it? what the heck? train!

    And its "not of this world." Thats saying a lot... Howabout its part of the old erratic portal? that would make sense. But remember, we're still working with something odd here. Urza's old landmarks from the brothers war are about, which I have no explanation for. You also see that the level of technology is of a higher degree and....

    Urza and Mishra's father? this is his little land? um.... I'll just stop mulling it over now.

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  2. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Well, if you haven't already heard it elsewhere, the dominant rumor/belief is that when Urza died during the Phyrexian Invasion, Karn, the Silver Golem, took out the Mightstone and Weakstone, which were nested in Urza's eye sockets, and attached them to himself. Karn thus gained all of Urza's knowledge, memory, and power, and so Urza's legacy lives on for eternity in Karn, though Karn retains his peace-loving disposition and personality. Frankly, it's probably better for the world that Urza's power be vested in KArn's body, because things are less likely to get blown up that way.

    Anyway, Karn planeswalks away from Dominaria and saves himself from doom. In his spare time he begins making these crazy-powerul-multiplanar artifacts to probe the other planes.

    One of these probes is the Mirari, which gets sent to Dominaria, since known as Otaria. For some reason it breaks and goes "WEEEOOOOWEEEEOOOWEEEOOOO" and emits all this death and mutation and greed, and thus wars are fought all over Otaria because of this thing. These are what Odyssey and Mirrodin focused on.

    This story might have been more interesting if told in reverse, but here's the punchline.

    The world of Mirrodin IS the Mirari itself.
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    So the mirrari's a world that has its very own power as an artifact....

    Wouldn't want to play hot potato with that shiny orb.

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