Crown of Convergence

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  1. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Crown of Convergence - 2
    Artifact - Rare
    Play with the top card of your library revealed.
    As long as the top card of your library is a creature card, creatures you control that share a color with that card get +1/+1.
    GW: Put the top card of your library on the bottom of your library.

    First time I saw this card I thought it was a weak Crusade for any color.

    Then I took a good look at the secondary ability - an ability that should not belong to GW. The bad part about it is that it requires both G and W mana, meaning its abuse will be limited to said colored decks. But in said colored decks (ones that might also have a Mirari's Wake in there) it will allow to plow through the deck until you hit your combo-piece.

    I'd like to see if anyone can figure out a good way to really tie the two abilities together, specifically trying to use part 1 well. The +1/+1 is great with tokens, but tokens are often generated off of non-creatures, meaning that it could inherently have a low chance of activating the +1/+1.

    The second ability I think is what is going to carry this card, as its strong on its own, and makes plenty of other staples that much better (Sylvan Library, Scroll Rack, Divining Top).
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    I've made a deck with Twilight Drover in which the Crown really shines. It searches for either the Drover or Perilous Forays and pumps the tokens I massproduce..

    When the deck gets a few tokens and the Perilous Forays out, the Crown lets me see the top card after each shuffle, so I can stop saccing when the card I need is on top.

  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    i think the crown is an amazing addition to any deck that uses tribe elders and tops..
    imagine the control... the top card is one you don't want... pay GW put it on the bottom, hmm still not one you want.. sac the tribe elder to shuffle, pay 1 to look at the top 3 instead of 1, use the top to fetch your card..

    you could also make some sick recursion if you had no library..
    say your library was

    time walk,

    empty grave;
    top in play
    crown in play.

    use top to draw walk, cast walk. Upon immediately doing so, you know you have a 2nd walk.. or if you had cast a worldly tutor that turn, you know you'd have another walk.

    also say you had a card, say scrivener but with no legal targets. you could drop a sorcery into your grave so that when you cast it, you can actually grab something.

    you could also use the ability to prevent it from being removed, by putting it in your grave to be used later.

    it can also abuse cards like long-term plans, assuming you have no top in play.

    also you could simply use the 1: rearrange the top 3 top's ability with GW:drop 1 card
    to pretty much stack what you'd draw

    pay 1: find what you want in the top 3.. if its there put it at the top.. if not, pay GW

    1GW:look at the top 4 cards, put 1 on top, one in the grave
    1GGWW:look at the top 5 cards, put 1 on top, one in the grave, draw any one of them immediately if you have a top.

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