Crowd Control(Type 2)

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    Here's my first shot at an Unnatural Selection deck. It probably needs to get a more focued, and I'm still working the numbres out, but I pretty muhc know what it's supposed to do, and how it's supposed to work.

    Crowd Control

    4x Unnatural Selection
    2x Lord of Atlantis
    2x Coastal Drake
    2x Shoreline Raider
    3x Fact or Fiction
    2x Rethink
    4x Counterspell

    4x Dark Ritual
    2x Plague Spitter
    2x Rebel Informer
    1x Rystic Tutor

    3x Liberate
    2x Coalition Honor Guard
    2x Standard Bearer
    2x Paralax Wave

    4x Caves of Koilos
    4x Coastal Tower
    4x Salt Marsh
    4x Island
    4x Swamp
    3x Plains

    This is the first draft of the deck, and it's made to basically work off a lot of small combos:

    Unatural Selection+Lord of Atlantis: Make my creatures Merfolk.
    US+Rebel Informer: For 4 mana I can put any creature on the bottom of it's owners library.
    US+Coastal Drake: Name "Kavu", and that creature will have to be redrawn next turn.
    US+Shoreline Raider: Name "Kavu" on the attacking creature and block it.
    Flagbears: Are thereso that the ability is there, so that I can turn things into "Flagbearers" and still get the ability of the Flagbearer and not just the creature type.
    Liberate: My miniature answer to Wraths, Obliterate, etc.
    Paralax Waves: My bigger answer to the above.
    Plague Spitter: To keep weenie type decks at bay, as well as things like Elves, Birds of Paradise, and the cheap Rebels in the openning game.


    Looking at this again, I may be able to take white ocmpletely out of the deck, the only reason I'm using it is for Flagbearers. That would leave more room open for searches, counterspells, and other various things. With it as it is now though, I can make a Flametongue target something else so long as I do it before it's cast.

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