Crimson Tide

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    The deck I'm trying to make over here, land and mana advantage with burn and drawing stuff.

    The List:
    1x Squee, Goblin Nabob
    2x Halam Djinn
    2x Lunge
    2x Hammer o' Bo's Garden
    4x Seal o' Fya
    2x Rhystic Lightnin'(think I need more of these in main)
    2x Earthquake
    2x Rhystic Study
    4x Hoodwink
    4x Parralax Tide(My new fav. card)
    1x Rhystic Deluge
    4x Chromatic Sphere
    4x Tangle Wire
    2x Pawnshop(If you can't burn 'em, deck 'em)
    4x Crystal Vein
    2x Rhystic Cave
    8x Island
    10x Mountain

    1x Rhystic Deluge
    2x Rhystic Lightnin'
    2x Heightened Awareness
    2x Lunge
    2x Mana Short
    2x Rhystic Study
    3x Disrupt(The cooooolest common in invasion need badly btw)
    1x Halam Djinn

    POINT OF DECK: Lock up your opponents with a recurring tide/wire running in with bounce provided by the local Pawnshop and Hoodwink. Take advantage of tangles with the Shromatic Sphere's ability to become tapped, and exchange it to draw a card later on, Eventually getting out a Djinn and/or enough mana to keep the Hammer in action.

    Any comments, suggestions, obvious mistakes I missed.... anything.

    Tall, white single male. Looking for tangle wires, parralax tides, chromatic shperes, and any other fun-loving cards.

    Ooo just remembered that tomarrow is 70's day @ school, which means I'll be sportin my red cords, curly hair, an a white shirt. :D

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