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    It seems to me that a lot of the stink that's been going on is about whether we should be more proactive and contact WotC directly with our views. I've stayed out of this personally, because I think both sides have some excellent points. If we contact WotC directly, it seems like they would take more notice of our views. However, they also might resent us butting in, as Gizmo pointed out, and might just ignore us.

    A while back, someone mentioned that a WotC rep, Elaine, was "prowling" the boards. Well, Elaine, if you're out there, please tell us how you think WotC would react. Would you take more notice if we emailed them directly, or would they appreciate it if we stayed on the site and let them come see what we think? If you are currently a member of the board and want to remain anonymous, you could create another name to respond to this. Or, you could email myself or (probably better) one of the founders with your view and we'll post it.

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    what do you think they would think of us if they came here and say everyone writing "TAG GUARD" in there posts and trying to kill each other?......
  3. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    That _you_ are a homocidal maniac with way too much time on your hands. :)

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    Tag Guard

    It probably depends on the company atmosphere and the nature of the person doing the prowling. If it's someone who originally came from WOTC, I get the impression they might not mind; at least in the early years, WOTC seemed like one of those companies that would occasionally play NerfWar in the halls to blow off steam. If it's someone from Hasbro, I guess it'd depend on where they came from, like a suit from management or a programmer or something.

    Boy, did I just lay down some stereotypes. This is not to say that suits can't have fun or programmers are always laid-back. I'm just trying to express a general idea...

    Oh, who cares anyway.... :)
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    I hope and pray that WotC is smart enough to realize that the atmosphere here is casual and that people love to play games of any kind, be it Tag or Magic.

    The only time I've ever seen Elaine reply to anything was on the Dojo Boards. She actually sent me a personal message to prove she was a Wizards official because I thought she was someone that was just trying to mess with everyone. Basically, I haven't sent her anything in a long time and I've only communicated with her directly about 4 or 5 times. I think she's a good contact, but only about rules rulings (such as Waylay and Dark Ritual/Mana Vault) which is what she deals with. However, I think she is considerate enough to forward requests to the appropriate people for you. I think she and others "prowl" these boards, mainly because she's insinuated that to me directly, but I don't think she's ever registered. Nor do I think they ever will. If they start to directly interact with us, it could cause problems because some people might feel uncomfortable with such contact.

    I can't give out her address because first of all, she didn't say I could and that's immoral, and second because I really don't know if she's to be our contact. I'm thinking that as soon as we have the results from our first vote on the 3 current subjects we should try to open a channel to Wizards and see what they think of the idea. I also think that we should try to get a link from The Dojo and other places.

    Also, I'd really like to see more "Break this Card" contests. I have a foil Cessasation I'd be willing to part with for a about 20 good articles (I'd be willing to count each deck and explanation as a separate article).

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