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Discussion in 'CPA/WOTC Magic Issues' started by theorgg, May 12, 2002.

  1. theorgg Slob

    Alright. Ed is working on the new look for the CPA.

    We now need to find the people who'll do weekly articles(3-4 people) or Bi-weekly articles(6-10 people).

    If you can and believe you have enough topics to wright at least three or four articles, please put your name here with what level of dedication you can supply.

    The buttons are being worked on currently.
  2. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    I definitely want to continue my article series.

    (- Steve -)
  3. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I can definitely do an article at least on a bi-weekly basis.
  4. rakso New Member

    I can link mine, if you don't mind. :)
  5. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    I think I can do weekly articles. When would you like them to start?
  6. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    I might do 2 or 3 this summer, but that's all I'll say at this point because that's all I think I could realistically do.
  7. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I could probably write bi-weekly articles.
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Jigglypuff, would yours be weekly or bi-weekly?

    rakso's is weekly, right? Since there's only two so far, I guess to spread them out we can have his on Monday and Duel's on Wednesday? Depending on Jigglypuff?

    And Mr. P and Isty can be on one of those days and Friday, with TICM thrown in when he gets his in.

    You guys can start anytime ;)

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