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Hi guys, I haven't died of covid-19 and nobody deleted my user account here, so all is fine. I hope all of you are healthy.
Glad to hear you are well and passively waiting, you need to get actively waiting.
Canada has 400,000 seniors in jeopardy they had to call the Army in yesterday it's that bad.
It was on public Radio last night, so I called my cousin in Quebec this morning and verified the story. Apparently they had to call in the army Medical Corps because the staff was overwhelmed. 16 staff members a day dying from Covid and the other staff refused to come in leaving the seniors to fend for themselves. The one army Sergeant described it as a death camp, people crying for help hours on end, residents in soiled diapers, cockroaches everywhere, people with lice. Four to six people in a room dead people everywhere in body bags. You can only keep so much quiet for so long that's what happens when you have socialized medicine.
Covid-19 is no flu, it's a plague. You just can't keep that kind of stuff quiet.


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I think Canada has been doing that since March or April. There are a few news reports about it but none that I can find recently.


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Down here in Florida, we're considered the epicenter of the pandemic in North America (probably due to all of the tourists), but despite the incompetence of our elected officials, we're doing okay...