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  1. EricBess Active Member

    I have gone through a number of sorting routines and here's the one that works for me:

    For each block, I have one binder for each color. Within the binder, I keep the cards in numerical order. I put a little slip of paper to show which card goes in which slot. I keep a maximum of 4 of each card in the binders and leave an empty slot (with the paper) for cards I do not have.

    I find that this makes it a lot easier to throw decks together.

    Extra rares go in a trade binder or box. Extra uncommons do to if they are good ones. Extra commons go in a box hopefully (if I get around to it) sorted by color for easier searching if I need them.
  2. galtwish Loudmouth

    I've got around 3,000 cards sorted by color, subsorted by rarity in a 2'x3' box. It actually works out pretty well, as I know rarities and I build and rebuild so often, sorting any further has proven to be a waste of time. I keep my decks in a satchel so I can just grab it and go when I go to tournaments or just out in the living room to play my friends. My trade stock is laughable, only about 30-40 cards, but they are all foils and rares like Mox Diamond and Abeyance, so I don't bog myself down with a binder or a trade box (I've had my 500 count trade box (full of $5 plus cards) stolen, and seen way to many people leave without their binders to bring a lot of trade stuff.

  3. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I'm very anal about the organization of my cards.

    First, I have complete sets going back to The Dark (I'm working on the earlier sets) in a separate binder, which I almost never take cards out of.

    Second, I keep my "playable" cards sorted by color and alphabetized (I told you I was anal).

    My trade binder is sorted by color, and I have a list of rares only for those who don't want to bother looking through pages and pages of random stuff.

    I have a couple of boxes of excess commons sorted by color, which just aren't worth carrying around, but if someone wants 50+ Disenchants or something like that, I've got'em.
  4. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Nodnarb probably puts his plague rat cards in a shrine ;)

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