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    Ok, this is a revision of a much older deck I used to play around with. Time Spiral opened up a lot of possibilities. This is type 1 (sorry, but that is pretty much all I play).

    Timing like Clockwork

    Creatures: (27)

    4 Clockwork Condor
    4 Clockwork Beetle
    4 Clockwork Beast
    1 Clockwork Avian
    1 Clockwork Dragon
    1 Clockwork Gnomes
    1 Clockwork Hydra
    1 Clockwork Steed
    2 Arcbound Hybrid
    3 Arcbound Stinger
    1 Arcbound Slith
    3 Arcbound Bruiser
    1 Assembly Worker

    Non-Creature: (9)

    1 Lotus Bloom
    1 Sun Droplet
    1 Welding Jar
    2 Power Conduit
    4 Clockspinning

    Land: (24)

    5 Island
    4 Urza's Tower
    4 Urza's Power Plant
    4 Urza's Mine
    4 Mishra's Factory
    2 Urza's Factory
    1 Acadamey Ruins

    I like the way that the counters can be manipulated with the power conduits and the clockspinning. The mana base seems to be ok, since I still have the max of the Urza's lands. I wish I had more of the Urza's Factory, but ah well. Mishra's Workshop would be cool too, however, I have not seen that card in ages! Allright....lets hear what you guys have to say

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