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Clash Packs Magic Origins: Spidey (Dangerous) vs Oversoul (Armed)


Staff member
:( Yep.

Good one! I couldn't get/find any more creatures! Ugh...

So that's it for this set. Aren't there more of these? Which one do you want to try next?


The Tentacled One
Good game. I feel like the lack of enchantment removal hurts the Dangerous deck in this matchup, as Pacifism was hugely important in both of our games, contributing to the Armed deck's ability to push damage through (although at least you were able to partially work around it thanks to Bolster spells, and you just needed more creatures, which you didn't topdeck). Still, not bad decks overall. Thought you were turning it around when you gave your guys lifelink, but it only lasted for a turn.

It looks like our first Clash Pack games were from the last Clash Pack chronologically. Before Armed/Dangerous there was Power/Profit and before that there was Fate/Fury. So we can either keep moving backwards in time or we can go back and do the first one first, then do the middle one last.

There are also new Challenger Decks for this year, which weren't out yet when we finished our games with last year's Challenger Decks. So we could go back to Challenger Decks, although for my part, it feels kinda like now that we've started in on the Clash Packs, we might as well finish them...


Staff member
LOL, yeah, I thought I had a chance with the lifelink but it was not meant to be....

Let's keep moving back in time so we'll do Power/Profit.