CIA and FBI fought MLK Jr

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Donkey Rhubarb, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    It's so important that we remember what really happened.

    Dr King wasn't just a champion of black rights, he was a champion of human rights, the rights of the poor, the rights of the working class, and he had a massive and growing following.

    It was clear that the status quo was about to be shattered. Obviously that needed to stop, or the elites wouldn't have their comfy way of life anymore...
  2. Reverend Love New Member

    .......I'm sure you're a card carrying member correct?

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  3. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    Ha ha, very funny.

    I think it's great that the government has deniable plausibility, becuase whenever somebody brings anything up that shows what they've ACTUALLY DONE or ACTUALLY PLAN ON DOING, the more un-American it is, the more likely people are to dismiss it as conspiracy theory.

    It's common knowlege that the FBI bugged Martin Luther Kings house, and it's common knowlege that CoIntelPro legislation (which is on the BOOKS, go and look it up!) was used to destroy civil rights movement leaders.
  4. Reverend Love New Member

    As an official representative of The Man. I hereby order you to cease disrupting our plots for global domination. We cannot allow you to uncover our hidden agenda's, and laws passed to keep the brotha-man down.

    If you fail to adhere to my world jurisidiction, I'll be forced to fire mind bullets at you.

    You 5th Column types always make me and my employer, The Man sick.
  5. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    uh, WTF^^?

    Did you follow the link? Who is the brotha man? Who is "The Man " Why are you talking like a psychotic weird person? Mysteries abound with you, my freind.
  6. Reverend Love New Member

    Are you Genser Keyhole cleared? I'll require a level 9 retinal scan to prove your need to know.
  7. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    Well, you're obviosuly not worth talking to.

    I'll keep that in mind.
  8. mythosx Legendary Creature-Human

    Again, Donkey seriously, This is a casual site for a game called MAGIC THE GATHERING. Although we do have offtopic an political discussions the mainstay of the site is about MAGIC THE GATHERING. You will be grossly dissappointed here if you want a serious debate about politics.
  9. Reverend Love New Member

    Naa mythosx, Donkey has to be a local goofing around with an alias. It's impossible to be so blindly ignorant as this clown. My guess is it's either Istanbul, Duke, Astranbraulth, or someone else who enjoys getting a rise out of people. I've been known to occasionally throw out the fishing line to see who bites..but this dude..he's too much! :D

    And for whomever is trolling as Donkey..two thumbs up ma-man! Excellent job portraying the cliché, foaming at the mouth moonbat liberal! :p
  10. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    I'm not a liberal!

    I'm a liberatarian! I'm ust about as conservative as they come!

    Just because i'm not an ignorant stateist, who doesn't understand how corrupt government is (like you), doesn't mean that i'm a liberal. Just becuase I know a corrupt globalist who is violating the constitution when I see one doesn't mean that i'm a liberal. Just because I know that George W Bush ISN"T a republican, doesn't mean that I'm a liberal.

    A moonbat, maybe. But a conservitive moonbat. I think it's funny that you think you can just lump me into a category that you hate becuase you disagree with or just don't like what i have to say.

    Sorry for pointing out the flaws in our nation.

    I'll let you go back to sleepyland where everything is fine, where wars don't actually kill people, where globalism isn't ruining the world, where the united states isn't on the edge of tyrrany.
  11. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    T'ain't me. I have one alias on these boards and that's all I need. And Duke isn't very liberal at all, if you really read his posts.
  12. Reverend Love New Member

    I do read his posts.....well......most of the time. He's admitted to goofing off with other screen names before. Also it's not exactly a secret he enjoys getting a rise outta people.


    Before you troll maybe you should get your terminology straight. Libertarians are FOR free trade, not against it. Which is direct opposite of your whole anti-WTO and NAFTA rant.

    Libertarians are for the personal accumulation of wealth..You know that whole self liberty motto, which is core for libertarians. They’re not for the redistribution of it, or any of that crap.

    Libertarians are totally against the idea of high taxes big government. The "Welfare State" concept. Which by your arguments:


    Is exactly what you’re advocating. A huge bureaucratic mess, which dictates exactly how businesses will operate.

    So before you get the urge to unleash another turd on us here at the CPA, you might want to get your terms and facts straight. Unless you meant Socialist…which by example of your statements you are.

    Ooh and by the way, it's.. Libertarian not liberatarian, my dearest moonbat.
  13. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    Is it just me or did you just contradict yourself there?

    You're right, I am FOR free trade, yes, and I am also PRO-capitalist.

    But our current system of economy and government is not capitalism. Adam Smith, the father of capitalism HATED corporations, and with good reason. They've no responsibility. They are artificial being that get all the rights of citizens, (free speech, freedom from search and seizure, which incidentaly, are rights being taken away from citizens of the united states incrementally every day by the Democratic AND Republican parties)

    I am ANTI-corporate, ANTI-globalization, ANTI-World government. As a result of that, I'm also ANTI-WTO and ANTI-NAFTA and ANTI-FTAA. I see no conflict there. And apparently neither do you.
  14. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Is that you Astran?...
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I don't think so... I don't think he feels the need to use another alias...
  16. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    I'm not a troll.
  17. Reverend Love New Member

    No I didn't. Because with everything you’ve spammed us with here at the CPA, clearly indicates you’re not a libertarian.



    So you're not a Libertarian.

    You’ve argued for health care across the board, government stipulations on how businesses will operate, isolationist trade reforms, and in turn the accompanying monumental taxes which go hand in hand with these types of programs.

    You’ve also bemoaned the exercise of personal freedom through the accumulation of personal wealth.

    And by the way, where are you getting your information for all this junk your posting? You know MTBE toxicity, American wealth distribution….I’d really like to take a look at these sources…in fact I’m dying to.

    And for anyone reading this, here’s some sites which prove he’s not a Libertarian. Just a socialist goofus moonlighting as one.
  18. Donkey Rhubarb New Member

    I don't think you know what a libertarian is.

    What the crap are you talking about? the WTO and NAFTA IMPOSE on trade, not make it more free. It's also a form of world government, and a beuracratic mess. You obviosuly have no clue what you're talking about.

    Where did are argue for health care here? I will later in this post, but where before?

    What government stipulations on how businesses will operate did I argue for?
    That corporations no longer get the rights of citizens without the reponsibility? For shame! Heaven forbid that I want to return to REAL capitalism as founder Adam Smith realized it in his mind. God, I must be a freaking socialist to want to leave things up to the consumer to dictate how business behaves!

    I'm not for isolationist trade reform. I think that world trade is a great thing. I don't want world government beuacracies telling our nation what it can and cannot trade and with whom. That's not capitalism; that's NOT FREE TRADE.

    Where did I support excessive taxes? Listen, government is here to protect our rights, and that's it. I think health care is a right, and creating a nationwide single payer system will cost less money due to the fact that private insurance companies have to pay more for overhead, administrative fees, and CEO paychecks than they pay for actual healthcare. The system more than pays for itsself. Taxes would DROP.

    Anybody who says that I'm not a libertarian because I'm anti-corruption, anti-police state, anti-corporate welfare, anti-forced trade, or anti-world government obviously has no idea what they're talking about. Ahhh, that'd be YOU rev.

    I took the quiz on the site

    you can find it here:

    I am a leftish libertarian. Personal Issues, I scored 100% economic issues I scored 60% I think that military service should be voulenteer only, and I think that we should have active voulenteer militias like we have voulenteer fire depts instead of the military monstrocity that we have that currently eats up $399,000,000,000 a year in taxes. Funding to this needs to be cut. We also need to stop corporate welfare. That bulls**t going on in Iraq with the no-bid contracts, where corproations then go and sub-contract to firms in Iraq and take a huge cut of pay over their heads... That needs to stop now, we aren't paying taxes to pay halliburton and bectel to pay sombody else to do their work. Our taxes shouldn't be paying them AT ALL.

    I think that people need to take more initiative for their own towns, and that we leave to much up to the govenrment to do for us.
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