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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by bane, Aug 5, 1999.

  1. bane New Member

    doh!,,,the address of the page is

    Gee I'm dumb...

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  2. bane New Member

    Does my site look messed up to everyone else? I looked at it over the net on several computers and it is being mutilated for some odd reason. Don't judge it till I fix it...

  3. bane New Member

    I've just put up a web page that's an example of my skills (are they skills?) of making a page. I wouldn't mind helping whoever is goin' to be in charge of that. And in the links section I put in the email address for the CPA (not the board address). Hope ya like it...

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  4. bane New Member

    Stupid me (hey look! 4 posts in a row)...I guess stupid code mess ups are bound to happen when you're tired. Anyways, it's up and working now, so go check it out. Tell me whatya think...

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  5. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Looks really cool, but I have some suggestions:

    Drop the Java. You can do the same thing you are doing with JavaScript and it won't freeze browsers.

    Drop the frames (I hate frames 99% of the time). I dunno really why, but I guess I just don't like frames. When I do layouts like that, I use tables. Whatever, frames aren't that annoying. Must...stop...babbling...

    I didn't really explore into it, but it looks cool!

  6. nekrataal Administrator

    Yeah, I really hate frames too. The same can be accomplished with a table that has a border set to '0'. It will look a lot better. I have personally never seen a site utilizing frames that I have actually liked. But that might be just me.

    Good work, I'm glad we have a lot of creative minds in this group. :)

    "oh, I'm locked in a $#@!ing frame agian!"
  7. Drik2 New Member

    Awesome job bane.
    I am happy someone knows how to handle all that HTML "thingamajig"
    Please notice my expert use of the term "thingamajig" and it will explain sentence number two.
  8. Deckbuilder New Member

    Checked out your site. Looks promising!! You can activate the link to this BB - it's no longer a secret - Everybody's heard of the Alliance.
  9. Waubers New Member

    What software did you use to make your graphics? I need something like it for my web site.
  10. bane New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll drop the frames. The interface already uses several tables (as is seen when it loads), I've just always preferred frames. The majority don't like it, so it will go away =]. Till next time...

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  11. bane New Member

    The new version of my page is up using the suggestions from ed. Go take a looksee...

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  12. TomB Administrative Assistant

    That looks much better. In fact, I'd say it's just terrific. Good work.

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  13. bane New Member

    Waubers - I used photoshop 5. Sorry I didn't answer you sooner but I never saw your reply (sleepy...).

    Also, check out my dad's site I made using Flash 3 (NO! they already came out with 4!) It's okay but nothing stunning, but check it out....

    .oO(bane)Oo. -or- Jim "buffpuff" Torrence
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