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    Can anyone bring me 'up-to-date' on this story line? And possible what lies ahead in Betrayers?
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    This is the best I could find that summarizes Champions

    And of course, this week has Betrayers

    Apparently there's some short stories that were written to further flesh them out (well, not Betrayers yet). You can see the Champions ones here
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    Thanks, Spidey!
  4. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Why certainly, I can help. I read the novel and enjoyed it, especially Toshi's parts.

    -Princess Michiko (sp?, will just call her princess for now on) is born. She is the one and only child of Lord Konda, who is performing some sort of ceremony.
    -From this point on, Konda never leaves a room where he sits with a type of reptilian fetus statue. It is a source of power, and a source of madness at the same time.
    -The Kami War begins.
    -Skip ahead twenty years, and a bandit/mage/samurai named Toshi accidentally interrupts a Moonfolk plot
    -Toshi escapes being killed by the Moonfolk, only to fight against a kami in the swamp before getting home.
    -Toshi is almost killed by the Moonfolk at his house, but escapes from them for the second time through kanji (symbol) magic
    -Ticked about the moonfolk following him, Toshi rushes to an ogre shaman buddy of his, part of the same clan.
    -Meanwhile, the princess is planning an escape, on the constant suggestion of a young man visiting from the blue academy. Her guardian, Lady Pearl Ear, plans a visit to her old foxfolk hometown after a kami attack actually happens inside Eiganjo. (To this point, no kami has ever attacked inside the mighty tower. Beyond the walls of the palace, everything lays in ruin from the kami war)
    -Lady Pearl Ear leaves her brother, Sharp Ear, in charge of the princess. He learns of the plot to escape and tries to stop it. The waterfall academy boy turns out to be much stornger than he should be, and magically traps Sharp Ear. The princess and her friends escape the castle.
    -Meanwhile, Toshi makes it to his ogre friend, who has a human pupil, once a monk in the forest. The ogre has already been attacked by a kami sympathetic to the moonfolk, looking for Toshi. The ogre sends Toshi and his pupil out to the forest to see if the monks know anything about the kami attacks and the continuing moonfolk menace.
    -On their way to the waterfall academy, the princess and her friends are caught in a strong sandstorm and split up. They eventually reunite with Lady Pearl Ear at a village of foxfolk, and must buckle down for a goblin invasion.
    -Some of Konda's retainers are sent out to find the princess, and reach the foxfolk town. They try to help the resistance against the goblins, but the battle is a loss and the princess and her friends, accompanied by Pearl Ear, Sharp Ear, and a trio of foxfolk brother samurai, all escape into the forest.
    -Toshi and his monk friend run into the princess and her group. Both are untrusting of each other, but are ambushed by Orochi before their own unrests can lead to anything. (It is here Toshi notices he'd really like to hook up with the princess. She, of course, finds him just a normal bandit. You can tell where *THIS* fantasy cliche will lead :rolleyes: )
    -All are pumped full of snake venom that immobilizes them. Toshi later escapes from an orochi holding cell and finds his monk friend. His clan is held to the responsibility of total and outright vengeance against any who would harm a person in their clan. The monk is dead, tied to trees and being filled with water. Too much water to have drowned in the rain. Toshi leaves a little poem about how the kanji mages will get revenge.
    -Wanting some prime booty, and a nice ransom, Toshi takes the princess away on a moth who owes him a favor. (A moth much like the flying samurai card. This one Toshi helped, and it owes him some big favors). They escape to a distant cave.
    -The blue boy mage escapes and awakens all the others to escape. They find the dead monk and the poem. Then, they too escape. The orochi are not happy, and follow.
    -Konda, hearing the news, sends a huge chunk of his troops out to look for the princess. His powers allow him to know the general area she's being kept.
    -Konda's cavalry and samurai are all wiped out in one big blast from a super kami (likely the lord of all kami).
    -A smiling moon kami comes to Toshi and tells him he's in danger. The atheist Toshi is forced to submit to kami, eventually asking for favor from the black myojin.
    -The moon kami also reveals to the princess that the kami war is over a strong kami being taken by Konda. This, apparently, is his statue that gives him power and maddens his mind. The birth of the princess is the counterweight to the event. This is why the orochi and goblins believe that if the princess is killed, the events may be undone and the kami war would end.
    -The foxfolk reach Toshi's cave with an army of Orochi behind them. Toshi powers up through kanji magic and slaughters every last one of the orochi. A little argument with Pearl Ear over the princess erupts, and Toshi uses kanji magic to escape from being taken prisoner.
    -The real culprit, for the monk's death, is the blue boy mage. He was a spy sent by the moonfolk to get the princess to the academy to be experimented upon (since she is the counterweight to the kami war's beginning). He killed the monk for fear of his awesome power, thinking he might interfere with his plans to capture the princess. That is why water was in the monk's lungs.
    -Toshi, rather than take vengeance himself, carves the "guilty" kanji into the boy's face and sends him into the air.
    -The princess and foxfolk leave Toshi, who has sworn fealty to the princess is ever she needs him. (And as fantasy cliches go, she'll be *needing* him next book, right? hint hint, nudge nudge ;)) He gets to have the hermit peace and quiet he wanted so much, for now.
    -The final scene of the book is the ogre shaman getting a gift from the sky, the guilty blue mage. The ogre slowly tortures his new guest.

    With "That Which Was Taken" as an artifact in the next set, and Toshi himself a card, no doubt they'll play a role in the events of the next storyline. The princess might get a card. Who knows. Of course she'll be there to fall in love with Toshi, just because they're main characters and all. There definitely won't be an end to the war in the next set.

    jee, a lot of stuff here. Maybe I should turn this into an article for the front page...?
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    How would you make this into a front page article? I mean, so far it's just a summary of the book :confused:
  6. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    That's exactly how. SCG had a series where a guy compared the book to cards, and put a little summary in there.

    I was thinking something similar. Maybe a rundown of the events of the book for those too lazy or too busy to actually read the books. Then, a bit of critique on how the cards do or don't fit in with the book.

    Then again, SCG's series got canned. Maybe out of lack of interest.

    Good idea for an article? Bad one?
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Heck, anything's good right now :) If you can do it, go for it!
  8. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    K, might have it done over the weekend, as typing up the last of M94 is what I'm doing with my computer time now. That, and I'm gonna start that BOK book as soon as it comes out, so writing this will be a good warmup and refresher for when I read it.

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